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Pale Olive Undertone Struggles

Confession: I’m a licensed makeup artist and I just found out whether my skin’s undertone is warm or cool. At 24 years of age. A fact that is highly embarrassing as I should know this stuff. In fact I do, I’m able to colour match other people very quickly and well, I’ve just always had a problem with identifying my own undertone. You know how there’s all these tricks you find online that are supposed to help you determine your skintone? They always cause more confusion than clarity here. If the veins on the inside of your wrist are green, you’re wam toned, if they’re purple or blue, you’re cool. Mine are either or both, depending on when you look. If gold looks better on you than silver, you’re warm toned. If silver looks better on you than gold, you’re cool. Neither really looks good on me, to be honest, although I think silver clashes with my skin a little bit less. So am I cool, then? My brown hair and hazel eyes would say I’m not, as they’re generally ascribed to warm skin tones. As is the fact that I tan in the sun rather than burning, which is generally what cool toned skin does. But I look horrible in orange, gold makeup is the worst possible thing I can do to myself and foundation is very often too yellow for me. If I pick up cool foundation however, my face turns a very distinctive pink that stands out from the rest of my skin. Neutral foundation is hard enough to find as it is, but it’s not right on me either.

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The House Hunt Continues | Loepsie’s Life

Greetings to you on this lovely Monday afternoon! The sun is shining in the Netherlands today and we’ve gotten a lovely forecast for the rest of the week as well. Sunny weather always has such a huge positive effect on my mood, I’m really excited for the week to come. Not just because of the sunshine, but because I have some really exciting things on my calendar as well. But first, as every Monday, I’m going to take you with me and show you what I was up to last week.

Grocery haul on Tuesday morning! I got cacao, spinach, salt & vinegar crisps, salt & pepper crisps, bread, sandwich spread, avocado, herbal tea, black beans, vegetable stock cubes, sun dried tomato hummus, sweet potato, kiwis and rice.

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