Cutting My Bangs

I did it!

Thank you so much for your encouragements (and sound counter arguments) on my potential bangs in my hair journey video and bang inspiration post. I was more than ready for a change and in fact, couldn’t wait to cut my bangs at all. I ended up doing it just two hours after I published the inspiration post, heheh…

Anyways, of course I had to film the entire process. The video isn’t a bang-cutting tutorial (although you could use it as one), I was way too nervous to produce anything structured and comprehensible at this point. It’s really more of a “watch me freak out for 9 minutes as I cut my own hair” video, haha!

I feel no regrets whatsoever. I love the results, and although I’m finding the bangs a little harder to handle (morning bangs, anybody?) a few days later, I still really, really like them. Oh, AND! I went to buy some wine this week and I DIDN’T GET ID’ed! Hahaha 🙂


New In: Primark Haul

Robbert and I went on our seasonal shoppig trip! As you could see in my photo diary, we went to Arnhem to do some shopping. And let’s be honest, we usually end up at Primark. I was a little disappointed by the collection this time, as almost all the pieces I was attracted to had a high neckline. A high neckline just doesn’t work well with my body shape, I learned the hard way, haha. I noticed that any time I looked back at a picture of myself and thought “what is wrong with my boobs???” I was wearing a high neckline. So no more of those.

Anyways, that meant that a lot of the items I tried on, I gave right back to the lady by the fitting rooms. I only ended up taking a few items home with me, but these I absolutely love and will surely wear a lot.


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Hair Inspiration For Bangs

In last Sunday’s video I briefly mentioned I was considering getting some bangs. I added a poll to the video, asking whether my viewers thought I should cut bangs or not. Since the very beginning, the results have been pretty much 50/50, with the balance tipping to either side every now and then. I noticed in the comments that the people who are for bangs are moderately enthusiastic, whereas the people who are against seem absolutely horrified. This calls for more explaining, haha!

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Last Week Of Summer | Loepsie’s Life

Good day to you all! Last week was the official last week of summer, and summer went out with a bang. We reached temperatures of 30+ degrees, which is ridiculous for the Netherlands, and I made sure to enjoy it. Let’s take a look at what my week has been like!



Monday morning at Robbert’s! The weather was lovely so we sat outside while I typed up my diary, and Robbert put some finishing touches to his thesis. By the way, who remembers my old tea pot? I gave it to Robbert’s family after I melted the bottom part haha, they had the same tea pot. Their actual pot was broken while their bottom part was till intact, perfect match 😉

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