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How To Be A Morning Person

I love mornings for multiple reasons. Early mornings are just like nights, only safer. Great for walks. In the morning, the rational side of my brain takes over and I don’t get anxious. I wake up every morning with the feeling that there’s a whole world of possibilities opening before me. And because I know not everybody feels that way about mornings, I’m here to share my top tips on how to be a morning person.

Eliminate Hurrying and Stress


Having a good morning actually starts the night before. Make sure you can enjoy your morning to the max and make it a relaxed time of the day by prepping all you need. Before you go to bed, check the weather forecast and decide what you want to wear next day, then lay it out. Pick your makeup and hair look so you don’t have to make decisions about that in the morning. Pack your bag and if you want, pre-prepare your breakfast and lunch (if you eat lunch on the go).

Although these are all minor decisions to make, moving them from your morning routine to your night routine will make your mornings that much more relaxed.

Get Enough Sleep


If you’re having trouble getting up in the morning, a cause may be that you’re not getting enough sleep. If your body is craving more sleep it will be reluctant to wake up and be active. Studies have shown that the optimal amount of sleep is a consistent 7-8 hours every night. Waking up well-rested will result in a happier, more energetic you!

Don’t Snooze


Don’t torture yourself with having to wake up several times. Isn’t waking up once enough? Snoozing always makes me grumpy: the annoying sound of the alarm, finally falling back asleep, being woken right back up… No, thank you!

When your alarm goes off in the morning, it’s best to just suck it up and get it over with. Get up right away and get on with your day!

Let The Sunshine In


Opening the curtains as soon as you wake up and soaking up the sunlight will help you wake up faster. Your body is programmed to be awake during the day, so give it a quick reminder with some daylight! Go into “day mode” as soon as possible.

Find Something To Look Forward To


Make your first thoughts count. Are you going to be doing something exciting today? Do you get to see your best friend? Did you wake up next to the love of your life? Are you about to cuddle your furry buddy? Do you get to do something you love? Or even just, are you about to have the best breakfast EVER?

Find something you’re excited about every day and look forward to it. This is what drives you to get out of bed. Start your morning on a positive note and set the mood for the rest of the day!

Have A Delicious Breakfast


Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day! Not only does it provide my body with essential fuel for the day, breakfast options are amazing. There are endless possibilities for people with a sweet tooth, and those that prefer savoury meals. Just thinking about my breakfast makes me want to get up and eat it.

If you’re someone that doesn’t like to eat in the morning, just try to eat something small, like a piece of fruit, and thoroughly enjoy your first cup of coffee or tea. It’s all about indulging in something you love and enjoying this blissful morning moment.


This is what I do in order to get up bright and early every day in a good mood. I hope you can use these tips in your own journey towards becoming a morning person!
Do you have any tips to share? Comment below!


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11 thoughts on “How To Be A Morning Person”

  1. I really need to give these tips a try! Since its summer I find myself waking up later and later. I'm usually pretty lazy throughout the day too, so maybe this will help. Thanks Lucy!

  2. This reminded me of how wonderful mornings can be. I dont usually like mornings but there have been times i've been awake early & it was wonderful to enjoy the beauty of morning with a relaxing cup of tea/coffee. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

  3. Great advice. I always make sure that when I have to get up early, that I have everything ready to go the night before. It def. helps making things run smoothly in the morning, even if you're not a morning person. :')

  4. I've been dying for someone to do a post like this :p totally the motivation I need to wake up tomorrow!

  5. Nice post! 🙂 I used to hate waking up early, but lately I've really started to appreciate it. I just love to have a little more time in the morning to wake up peacefully and have a nice breakfast. I usually just snooze once, and then when my alarm goes of for the second time, I open my curtain and just stay in bed for 15 minutes and watch a vlog or read some blogposts. And then I get up and have a super nice breakfast (my favourite is greek yoghurt with homemade granola, a grapefruit and a cup of coffee) 🙂 Another thing I started doing these past few weeks is stay away from computer screens and phone screens and not eating anything after 11 p.m., and then I go to bed and read for half an hour. It really helps to calm my mind (and my body) before going to sleep, so that way it's easier to fall asleep and I wake up well-rested.

  6. I'm not a morning person, but since I've been taking melatonin to help my insomnia i go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. I like to start my mornings completely by myself so I like to read or surf something on my phone for a while to allow myself to wake up slowly and happily.

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