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30 Things That Make Me Happy

I’d like to share 30 things with you that make me happy. They’re completely random and in no particular order, but I found just making this list a great exercise in mindfulness. I often hear how good it is to write down lists of positive things, and after doing it myself I can say that it is true. It feels great!
So here they are; 30 things that make me happy!

1. When I cook something random and it turns out REALLY good
2. Fresh sheets
3. Waking up before my alarm
4. Clear, sunny skies
5. Doing the perfect winged liner
6. When LotR/Harry Potter/PotC is on TV
7. Scents that remind me of my childhood
8. Jasmine tea
9. Going out without a coat
10. Opening packages
11. Fresh bread with a crunchy crust
12. When I come home and the ratties run out to greet me
13. Waking up with perfect hair
14. When Game of Thrones comes back on
15. A fully checked-off to-do list
16. Almond milk
17. Finding forgotten money
18. A pink and orange sunset
19. My favourite grey t-shirt
20. Scented candles
21. Sushi
22. Getting awesome comments on my posts/videos
23. A really good book
24. Campfires
25. Robbert
26. A walk in the park
27. Baby animals
28. Knitting
29. Kind strangers
30. The sudden realisation that I’m doing pretty well

What makes you happy? 🙂


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5 thoughts on “30 Things That Make Me Happy”

  1. What a great post, Lucy! 🙂 Seven years ago I had discovered a thread on the message board for the film “Amelie” on imdb.com named “The Simple Pleasures In Life” where people listed all the, sometimes random, things that made them happy! Unfortunately, the thread has been deleted since, but it was so sweet, reading through it made me smile, just like yours did! So I’ll share the same list I did back then on that thread (yup, I’ve kept it saved on my laptrop since then 😉 ):
    * The smell of honeysuckle/jasmine/lilac/wild roses/moist soil after rain/fresh cut grass
    * Blossomed lilac and almond trees
    * Thunderstorms while I am in bed, tucked under my blankets
    * Clean and freshly ironed sheets
    * Taking pictures of graffitti
    * Picking up snails and carrying them safely to the other side of the road
    * Everything about horses
    * Painting
    * Playing the guitar
    * Popping bubble wrap
    * “Haagen Dazs” and “Ben & Jerry’s” ice-cream
    * The first sip of hot coffee in a cold morning
    * Receiving letters
    * Playing with my dog
    * A purring cat on my lap
    * Feeding stray dogs/ cats
    * Watching young couples kiss
    * Making my close ones feel happy
    * Buying and wrapping up presents for my loved ones
    * Helping out strangers
    * The feeling of achievement
    * The feeling I get when I hear a great song for the first time
    * Finding a song I like but haven’t listened to for years
    * Resting my head under my boyfriend’s arm when lying down/falling asleep (back when I had a boyfriend 😉 )
    * Waking up early knowing that I can go right back to sleep any time I want (I’m a night owl and definitely not the morning type, haha!)
    * Laughing so hard I can’t breathe
    * Hearing birds chirp and sing, and watching them peck around
    * The bitter-sweet feeling I get when I think about my childhood
    * That moment in the first kiss just before your lips touch 🙂
    Now that I know getting awesome comments on your videos makes you happy, I’ll try my best to leave you a great one nest time 😉

  2. Great List.. Fresh sheets…awesome…Did you see Game of Thrones last night?!!! What omg!! Crazy.

  3. Great idea for a post! I have to agree with #6, even though for me it would be more “when there’s a reference to LOTR/Harry Potter/POTC anywhere”, lol, since I don’t actually watch TV. Also, #11 (sometimes, when I was sent to buy bread by my parents as a child/teenager, if the bread was fresh, I’d eat like half of loaf on the way home), #17, #20, #23.

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