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Pink Pickled Eggs

A few weeks ago, my dad enthousiastically suggested that we pickle some eggs. Pickle some EGGS..? I had no idea you could pickle eggs, but apparently they’re quite common in some parts of the world so we went ahead and made some pink pickled eggs. And I was smitten. This is so good! We made another batch and I decided to document the process to share with you guys. So here it goes: how to make delicious pink pickled eggs! We ended up liking this combination of ingredients the best, but the recipe is completely customizable so you can add or leave out anything you want.

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I always say that one should take care of their own happiness, not depend on others for it. There’s one area of life¬†though, where I find it hard to¬†practice what I preach, and that is love.
In my teens I went through some rough patches mentally. I overthink things, which is great for insight and reflection, but usually pretty bad for my mental and emotional state. It didn’t take long for me to realise that one of the biggest things that was making me feel down, was not having something that most people (in my teenage eyes: everybody) around me did have; love.

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