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A Different Kind of Sock Curls

“How to curl your hair with a sock” is my all-time most popular video, with millions of views, which it was never supposed to get, given that the video is literally “hey, BTW, remember that sock bun? It gives awesome curls”. Ah well, can’t predict the internet.

Today I’m revisiting sock curls; I’m going to show you a different way to curl your hair using just socks and no heat; the rag curl method. Rags have been used for centuries to curl women’s hair, it’s a foolproof method of creating awesome curls. Enjoy!


Transitioning | OOTD

Autumn’s almost over; storm winds last week have made sure the trees lost their leaves, temperatures are dropping and frost has been predicted once again. It’s time for transitional outfits! Ones that will protect me against the elements, but still look autumnal; I’m not ready for thick blush knits and Nordic prints just yet.
This outfit that I put together is something I’ve been wearing a  lot lately; jeans, a sweater and boots have been my favourite thing to wear in this weather. It’s easy, comfortable, and you can’t go wrong with it. When the weather is so hostile, comfort is definitely the way to go. Some strong, statement makeup and the outfit is all done!

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