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Essence Velvet Matt Nude Lipstick 07

Matte nude lipstick, gimme! I’m warming up to the matte lip trend more and more as time goes by, and this lipstick is definitely nudging me in the right direction. I bought the Essence Velvet Matt lipstick in no. 07 recently in Austria and have worn it loads since, almost daily. This lipstick is part of the Nudes line by Essence and also of the Velvet Matt line (it’s confusing). I can’t really say it’s a nude though, it’s definitely a quite bright pink tone on me, but I think that’s going to depend on your skin tone.

Considering the price of this product, it exceeds all of my expectations. I’m not usually a fan of Essence make up (especially their eyeshadows), but this lipstick really is very nice and I’m definitely considering getting more from this line.

Essence velvet matt 07 3

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Straw Curls Tested

I love heatless hairstyling, and trying out new ways to curl my hair damage-free. You guys know that. There’s one curling method that has been popping up everywhere for a while and I’ve wanted to try out for a long time: apparently you can create really nice, tight curls using straws. So today I’m putting straw curls to the test: can you really curl your hair with just a couple of straws? I tried it out and am sharing how to do it and what my experience was!


Shaving My Upper Lip | Experiment

A while ago I saw this video from Serena, where she confessed to shaving her upper lip. I was so happy she made that video! After trying countless hair removal methods on my upper lip over the years (waxing, threading, plucking…), I can’t even recall how many times I thought “man, I wish I could just shave this”. It would be so much quicker, easier and less painful! What kept me from shaving my upper lip, however, is that I was afraid the hair would grow back in a thick, manly stubble. I’m a hairy Eastern European girl and when I shave my under-arms, the re-growth is super noticeable right away, and I didn’t want to risk getting that on my face.

Serena is part Indonesian and dark haired as well, and she showed on camera that even after six years of shaving her upper lip, she never got a thick stubble. The hair grew back in the same thickness it always was and it was barely noticeable. This convinced me to give it a go, and today I’d like to share my experience with you.

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How To Stop Concealer From Creasing

For years, one of my biggest makeup issues was creasing concealer. No matter what concealer I used, it would always collect in the fine lines underneath my eye and make them practically light up; not a good look. I’ve tried many things to counter this throughout the years and now I’ve found a power combo that actually works. Allow me to show you how to stop concealer from creasing!

stop concealer from creasing 1

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