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What To Do With This Wall?

Ladies, I need your help. If you watch my videos, especially my vlogs, I’m sure you’ve seen this painting in the background many times. It’s my graduation project for art class in high school, the subject is Ophelia entering the river to end her life. It’s been hanging on my wall since it was born and I’ve always liked it a lot, but lately I’ve been feeling like it may be time for something new. Honestly, although I harbour warm feelings toward it, the painting is not that good, it’s super large and very dark in both appearance and theme. I’ve decided that I’d like to take Ophelia to my parents’ house and replace her by something more light and lighthearted.

this wall 1

This is the wall I’m talking about. It’s right next to my door, so anything I put there has to be relatively flat. I may be able to get away with shelves on the right side, but I’m not sure that’s what I want to go for.

this wall 2

Alright, first things first. I hung Ophelia here because this wall is absolutely hideous, and the painting hides that just perfectly. The previous tenant probably had some kind of deconstructed clock hanging here, because there are 12 pieces of double sided tape stuck to the wall in a circle, that have been painted over in an attempt to hide them. There’s another circle crossing this one, from another clock, I bet. You can also see a piece of paint has been peeled off by the frame of the closet, which was my doing when I hung up Christmas decorations. Oops. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to peel all the paint off this entire wall and re-paint it to fix all of this, before I can do anything else. The previous tenant left a can of white paint that I can use to paint the wall.

When I’ve painted the wall, what do I do next? I don’t want to leave it bare I think, it’s quite a large area. I’ve been looking for inspiration and have found a couple of things I like:


Photo source

Hat display! I have six hats at the moment that I’m not sure how to store. They’re in the closet at this point but I’m afraid it’s not too good for them to store them the way I do now. I also really like the idea of having them out on display, they’re all in colours that match my interior so it should look nice with the rest of my room. I really like the display pictured here, but I’m not sure how something like this would look with only six hats…


Photo source

Another thing I’d like to do is replace the painting with some new artwork. I really like the idea of having a gallery wall, and I’m very excited to be able to paint and draw some new stuff to hang up in my room. However, I’m afraid a gallery wall might look very busy and crowded in such a small space. Maybe keeping the art mostly white and using white frames could help?


Photo source

I also really like this combination of both. A gallery wall with other items (like hats) incorporated! This is definitely going to look busy, but I’m personally drawn toward this option the most.

this wall 3

This is what the entire wall looks like. I’m afraid the open cabinet is so busy right now that whatever I do next to it, might be too much. I could try to take some of the items away from the cabinet, or maybe even pull everything together somehow and make it feel like one cohesive wall? I’m very much on the fence about this, and I’d love to hear what you think! What would you do with this space? What do you think I should do? Any tips or advice are very welcome!


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10 thoughts on “What To Do With This Wall?”

  1. I love the artwork wall idea. You can hang inspirational quotes or pretty landscapes, and you could even paint something to match the aesthetic if you really wanted to

  2. Since I saw it in a documentary on the Studio Ghibli, I’ve wanted to have it myself: a drawing that’s actually an optical illusion, to give off the impression there’s a window on the bare wall. The window is open and on the other side there’s an open field.
    I haven’t put that idea to execution yet, but maybe you’d find it useful.
    I hope you can keep us updated on what you choose to do ^^

  3. Hi! I like the idea of hanging hats on that wall. It would give you a bit of practical storage. And your hats would look cool hanging up there. It would allow you to cover up all/most of the random wall damage in case you don’t get a chance to paint it. Just yesterday, I hung up some hats on the wall in my son’s closet. I use those 3M Command strips & hooks for them & it took me just a few minutes. I use Command strips & hooks all over the house! They sell them in many stores here in the U.S., but you can get them on Amazon too. You could try the hat idea out & easily remove the hooks if you don’t like it. Love you!

  4. Adding on to what Fly said, the mixed wall could still look organized by using a shelf. You could purchase a shelf that has display hooks at the bottom to hang the hats. This way, you can showcase your art or photos on the top and change the entire look when you get bored!

  5. I like the “mixed” wall a lot too! For my taste it would definitely look to crowded though with the current cabinet situation. Maybe you could put some of the shelf things on your mixed wall, and try to put the rest into boxes or try some kind of shutter in front of the top part of the shelf in order to make it look more neat?

    And, I thought your painting was very good (I can understand that it’s time for something new but I just wanted to say that!)

  6. Hi Lucy, I like the hat idea, and it gives you a good excuse to buy some more hats!
    If it were me, I’d probably go with a large mirror. It always makes a room look larger and brighter.

  7. I think that if you are worried about it looking to busy next to the open cabinet, the gat display is best. However, the mixed gallery display, with both hats and artwork is my personal favorite!

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