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Margeary Tyrell | Beauty Beacons of Fiction

It’s Sunday, time for another episode of Beauty Beacons! I was supposed to upload a historical Beauty Beacons episode today, but then I realised what day it is… Today is the start of Game of Thrones season 6! I couldn’t let that go by unnoticed, of course, so I decided to throw another Beauty Beacons of Fiction episode into the mix and do one focused on Game of Thrones’ own Margaery Tyrell. Enjoy!


Urban Casual Chic | Outfit Of The Day

Simple, mostly black outfits is what it’s all been about for me lately. I’m totally feeling those simplistic vibes, haha! My pinterest has been filled with outfits like this for ages, and I finally feel like I’ve got the style down to a point where I’m very happy with it. It’s casual chic and when you switch out the heels for some flats or even a pair of simple black sneakers it’s very comfortable as well.

Today I’ve styled an outfit around silver. I feel like I wear gold more often but I should offer silver more space, so today’s the day. I wanted to use this little bag that I found at Action and which is actually quite amazing; the back is a plastic sheet that allows you to use a touch screen, so you can use your phone while it’s in the bag. I absolutely love that idea and I’m sure it’ll be perfect for festivals this summer!

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Fitness Tips For Exercise Haters

We all know how important exercise is for our health and fitness, and how important it is in order for us to feel comfortable in our own skins. But some people, me included, just really don’t like exercise. If like me, PE class was your least favourite part of the week, you avoid the gym like the plague, and you can’t see why on earth people enjoy torturing themselves by running for miles and miles with no destination, but you still care about your health and want to take good care of your body, I’ve got some tips for you that might help.

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