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Festival & Sickbed | Loepsie’s Life

And just like that, it’s Monday again! I caught a cold early this week and ended up spending most of the week in bed, missing out on my brother’s graduation ceremony, Robbert’s birthday, D&D, summercamp planning sessions, and a couple of dance rehearsals for the show on Sunday. Obviously I was pretty bummed about all of that but it looked like I was going to miss the actual dance performance as well, the one we’d all been working hard on since last Christmas. I decided to just give it a shot and I’m happy to report that I was not only able to dance all 9 times, but I’m still standing and actually feel a lot better than I did on Sunday morning. Alright, enough chatter, let’s take a look at last week!



On Saturday morning I headed to the Utrecht fabric market to get some fabric for my grandma. I love this market but since I’m usually at the scouting on Saturday mornings, I rarely get to go. I’ll be able to go more often now!

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Roasted Chickpeas | Recipe

Healthy snacks that are just as satisfying as their salty, fatty mass-produced counterparts. Aren’t we all looking for those? I have recently found a snack that is just that for me- I’ve found it’s fully capable of replacing crisps and salted nuts in my daily routine. On top of that it’s really easy to make, super inexpensive, and packed with proteins and other nutrients that will make your body happy. I’m talking about roasted chickpeas! Ever since I first made these I’ve found myself making a new batch every week and greatly enjoying all the different flavour variations.

roasted chickpeas

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Summer Schedule

Summer is in full swing, and vacation period has begun! Over the next two months, I’m going to be away a lot. My parents are going to be away even more, which means I’ll be staying at their house a lot to watch the rats (so much cuddle time, yay!). I’m also going away on two summer camps with the kids at the scouting, and the other leaders and I are hoping to go on summer camp ourselves as well. Then I’m going to visit with my family in Slovakia for a few weeks.

For some reason it seems to be a recurring thing that I get sick in the week I have to prepare and work ahead lots. It happened last year and I’m pretty sure it happened the year before that as well… I have no idea how this is possible and it’s the worst timing ever but it’s happened again, I’ve got myself a good cold.

All of this means that, as every year, my blog is going to go on a summer schedule. This year, as I’m taking it a bit more easily with all the holidays and I’m going to be home more than past years, you’ll hopefully see a lot more of me than usually during summer! I’d like to try to keep uploading four videos a week. Two on Loepsie, and two on Loepsie NL, as always. I am going to dial the blog posts down a notch and publish less on here while summer vacation lasts. I’d like to have a Loepsie’s Life photo diary up every Monday (or whenever I get access to wifi), and an extra blog post on Friday.
I’ll be back to my normal, daily upload schedule by the first full week of September.

I have every intention to make this work, but it’s going to be quite a chaotic couple of weeks so please bear with me if I miss an upload or two. As always, I’ll keep you updated on social media as much as possible when I’m away.

Have a lovely summer everybody, see you soon!