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Beauty Trends I’m Saying NO To

I love beauty, I love makeup, and I love trying new things. I’m always late to trends because I am a creature of habit and need to warm up to trends. It took me two years to dare to wear leather pants or crop tops… But generally I’m a bit faster when it comes to picking up beauty trends, especially ones I love. I fully embraced highlighter and matte lips from the get-go (although, are those even still a thing? I’m seeing a lot of metallic shine lately), but there are some trends I’m refusing to follow. No offence meant at all if you do like these trends, they’re just not for me.


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I’m all for natural beauty, and contouring (especially the heavy kind) just doesn’t feel right to me. I don’t like using makeup to change the way I look, and contouring can make some people almost unrecognisable. Although it can be fun, altering my face shape isn’t one of the things I like to use my makeup for on a daily basis. And I absolutely refuse to contour my neck, breasts or feet. FEET!!!
Luckily, this trend appears to be on the leave.


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Lip Fillers

I feel like everybody and their mother in the public eye is getting lip fillers. Full, luscious lips are super trendy right now and considered beautiful and attractive. At the same time, minor cosmetic alterations are becoming more and more approachable and socially accepted. The step to getting lip fillers is a small one so more and more people are deciding to go for it. I have nothing against lip fillers in general, if you want them and like the look of them by all means knock yourself out, but they’re not for me. I’d never go near a medical needle unless I absolutely have to, and like I mentioned before, I’m all for embracing ones natural beauty. This is a trend I’m absolutely skipping.


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Glitter Roots

When I first came across this, I though it would just be a quick Instagram fad, but people are actually wearing glitter roots. While they are super fun in theory, I think it kind of looks like a bad case of dandruff in real life, especially from a distance. It’s just… Not quite it. But then again, glitter is fun and if you want to douse yourself in it head to toe, I can only encourage that.


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Microblading Eyebrows

Ok, this is one I actually do like the look of. Microblading is a technique of applying permanent makeup to eyebrows that’s quickly gaining popularity. Tiny slits are made into the skin, which are then embedded with ink. Microblading mimics individual brow hairs and produces a gorgeous, natural-looking effect. However, knives freak me out even more than needles and I have a natural adversity towards doing anything (semi) permanent to my body. Plus, I have pretty full eyebrows naturally so there’s no need for me to go through this. I can’t see myself doing this any time soon!

Are there any trends you’re absolutely saying NO to?


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