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Beauty Trends I’m All For

Trends come and go, and I feel like few change as quickly as trends in the beauty scene. Some apparent trends turn out to be just short fads, while others are here to stay for years. Of course I cannot help shaking my head and wishing some trends away ASAP, but with others, I get all giddy with excitement at seeing them come into fashion. After giving my two cents on beauty trends I’ve decided to skip, today I thought I’d give things a more positive spin and share some beauty trends with you that I’m all for.

Super dark lipstick


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From red to plum, purple and straight up black. If it’s dark, I love it. I don’t know if it’s my inner goth coming out, but something about dark lipstick just makes me very, very happy! I’m so glad dark lips are properly in mainstream fashion now and more and more people are rocking them. If you can pull off dark lipstick, don’t waste this opportunity and go for it. You can find nice dark shades from almost any makeup brand now so it’s the perfect time to stock up.

“Out There” Eyebrows


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Growing up with full eyebrows in the 90s and 00s, when pencil-thin lines were the norm, I always used to hate my brows (and so did others, who didn’t hesitate to tell me. Kids are so cruel). When I saw the opportunity I took a pair of tweezers and over-plucked like there was no tomorrow.
It’s taken a few years of bold brows being in fashion for me to fully embrace them, but I’m there. If you look back at my old videos you can see my eyebrows getting thinner and thinner as you go further back, haha!
When done tastefully, I think a prominent brow is a really beautiful thing. I’m not a big fan of the “instagram-brow” in real life (although they look AMAZING in photos), but a natural full-brow look is gorgeous.

False Eyelashes


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I don’t wear them a lot myself, but I think false eyelashes and eyelash extensions are absolutely gorgeous. I feel like having a lot of lash looks youthful, feminine and healthy, as long as the look is at least somewhat natural. If I ever have a lot of money to spare I’d love to get myself some eyelash extensions, haha!

The Lob


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Although I won’t do it myself, everybody and their mother is cutting their hair into a lob and I love it. If there’s been one hair trend in 2016 it’s without a doubt the long bob, preferably with some balayage colouring and messy waves mixed in. The lob looks amazing on most people and it’s such a fresh hairstyle! If I wasn’t so crazy about long hair and didn’t have a hair channel on YouTube, I might’ve taken the plunge and entered lob land myself.

Are there any current beauty trends you’re happy to jump on?


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2 thoughts on “Beauty Trends I’m All For”

  1. I actually agree with you in everything you said (even the eyebrow part – I have very bushy eyebrows myself, plucking and keeping them in shape is a never ending task), except maybe for the lob which I definitely don’t dislike, I just don’t really care about it. It’s a nice haircut though. 🙂
    Fashion and make up wise I like the current 90s and 00s nostalgia. Seeing grungey outfits and Destiny’s Child inspired make up looks gives me a fuzzy feeling inside somehow. 😀 I so should have kept my stripey crop tops that I wore when I was like ten, haha!

    1. I recently found a crop top from that period, was super excited to wear it again, then realised my body isn’t quite the same as it was 🙈 😂

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