It's always time for tea

A Colloquium & Zoo Date | Loepsie’s Life

Happy October Monday, my lovely readers! Can you believe it’s October already? September just flew by, and was the loveliest Indian summer ever, but I’m kind of glad we’ve gone into autumn now. I’m ready for steaming cups of tea, onesies, blankets, burgundy clothes and dark lipstick. Bring it on! Last week was a very busy one. I had an out-of-the-door activity almost every day, but it was all super fun.



On Monday I took it easy with a lot of laid-back laptop work. I headed home from Robbert’s to my parents’ house by bike. I have a love-hate relationship with the route, it can be super lovely when the weather’s nice or hell when it’s rainy and windy. It’s always good exercise though.

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Drowned Pirate of the Flying Dutchman

Part of the ship, part of the crew…
This year’s first Halloween tutorial is my tribute to the Pirates of the Caribbean’s Flying Dutchman and its magnificent drowned sea crew. I based this look mostly off of Bootstrap Bill Turner’s character, as he’s relatively fresh-faced among the fish people and one of the few non-CGI ones. I wanted to create a new crew member that hasn’t been on the ship for very long yet. Hope you enjoy watching!

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