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2 thoughts on “2017 Goals & Resolutions”

  1. I really enjoyed that review of your goals 🙂
    Since you plan to move in with Robbert, are you planning on doing some vlogs or blogposts about it? You have such a nice taste and it’s always fun to read/watch lifestyle stuff from you. Btw a video on how you did your blog (setting it up, the IT part etc.) would be cool as well.
    I would strongly advise you to check the house owner and especially the renting company online before you move in! I moved in a very nice apartment about three years ago and the company was horrible! They always sent me letters to pay horrendous amounts of money for heating, tried to sue me several times and even did’t reacted when someone robbed my flat and broke the door down. i luckily moved out but when i told my new landlord about that they were shocked that i didn’t know about this before. Turned out the company was well known for their mean tricks.

    1. I definitely will do LOTS of posts and videos about it, haha!
      Thanks for the tip, that’s definitely something to look out for. Sorry you had such a bad experience

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