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January Weekend Loves #3

Happy Saturday everybody, and welcome to the weekend! Over the past week I’ve kept a tabon things I’ve particularly enjoyed and found worth sharing with you again, so let’s take a look at my third January Weekend Loves.

This Recipe Video

I simply adore JessBeautician. Her amazing food videos are what tipped me over the edge of going vegan at home; her cooking is very much my taste and style and I love pretty much all her recipes. Simple yet delicious and made with fresh, easily accessible ingredients. It’s what made me realise it’s not hard to not eat animal products, and in fact not a big step from what I was already doing before. In these “School & Work Lunches” videos she shares a week’s worth of packed lunches that make wonderful use of leftovers, just how I like it. If I was still in school I’d totally make these, and I’m seriously considering making Robbert packed lunches when we move in together, haha!

This Channel

Another channel that made me consider veganism more seriously is Unnatural Vegan. As with any person on YouTube, I don’t necessarily agree with everything she says and all her opinions, but it’s SO refreshing to see someone approach veganism from a sane, intelligent and “normal” (non-extremist) point of view. Her information is always backed by scientific research (the actual kind) and she cites her sources so you can take a look. She speaks in a calm manner and uses common sense, which is a very welcome contrast to the very visible, very alienating vegans you see on YouTube. Plus, she’s not mean, neither to vegans nor non-vegans, and that’s a big plus in my book. The agressive tone of many vegans online is what put me off considering the diet for a long time in the first place!

This Playlist

Here I go again with the playlists, haha! I know I said I had more vivid memories of the 00s than I do of the 90s, but this playlist features a lot of music I know and remember and I really enjoyed listening to it this week. Throwback all the way to elementary school!

This Book

I don’t take a lot of time to read. Usually I’ll only read on the train to and from Utrecht, which is a 20 minute ride. This book contains a collection of short stories from different authors on the topic of dangerous women, which is free for interpretation. This is absolutely perfect for me, for some reason the short stories┬ákeep me motivated to read. I wrote a review of Rogues, Martin and Dozois’ other anthology a while back, and am happy to report that Dangerous Women is just as good. I haven’t read all of the stories yet and I’m fine with that as I really don’t want it to end, haha! I highly recommend this if you like a variety of styles and genres.

This Blog

Anna (formerly known as Vivianna) is someone I’d occasionally watch a YouTube video of. Not regularly, but sometimes her content caught my eye. I recently discovered her blog however, The Anna Edit, and that I absolutely love. It’s very beautifully designed, the images are gorgeous, and the content is entertaining. She usually supplements her lifestyle and beauty videos with a complementary post, and she also posts stand-alone blogposts. I find her aesthetic very inspiring and I love visiting her blog!

Enjoy your weekend everybody! I’ll be back tomorrow with a hair tutorial inspired by my biggest historical hair idol ­čÖé

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