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The Best Natural Cold Remedies

I get sick a lot. When I get too cold, when I get stressed, when I don’t get enough sleep… It just happens a lot, especially during winter (cold is the biggest culprit for me). In fact, I got hit with something at New Year’s Eve and have been recovering ever since. So much for a head-start on 2017, haha! As much as getting sick often sucks, it does make me a bit of an expert on getting better. I personally prefer to stick to the natural remedies whenever I can and my illness isn’t anything serious. Little, readily available aids that have been used for centuries! Today I’d like to share my favourites with you, the natural remedies I swear by.

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My Downsized Nail Polish Collection

Every now and then I get this unexplicable urge to clean and re-organise a very specific area of my house. It usually occurs when I should be doing something else, or after I’ve watched one too many decluttering videos on YouTube. One way or another, I found myself really fed up with my nail polish collection a while ago. I live in a tiny space so there’s not much room for hoarding (although I do kind of make an exception for makeup). My nail polish lives in the bottom drawer of where I keep my makeup, and that drawer isn’t particularly big. My polish hoarding habit is. The thing is; when are you supposed to throw away a nail polish? I store mine in a dark drawer so they don’t go goopy for years. I literally still had nail polishes from when I was in elementary school, and the drawer was full to the brim so I hadn’t really bought any new polishes in quite a while. I decided something needed to change, so I sat down with determination and weeded out about half my collection.

What I’m left with now is still a wide selection of shades, but no more dupes, super old ones, colours I don’t like or never wear. And practically no glitter.

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The Weird Week | Loepsie’s Life

Hello there, everybody! I hope you’ve had a great New Year’s Eve and that you Monday is better than mine. That is, not involuntarily spent in bed. It’s incredible but after not even a full month, I’ve managed to catch a virus again. Sigh.
Anyways, as Vlogmas is over, Loepsie’s Life is back! I’m going to share my snaps from the last week with you every Monday again, starting today. Let’s take a look at what that weird week in-between Christmas and New Year’s has been for me!

After Christmas I spent most of the day at my parents’, waiting for my brother to come home and help me make some changes to Loepsie.com. I’m working on a little revamp that’s going to happen soon and I’m really excited about! My brother is super talented with this stuff and pretty much does all of my technical, behind-the-scenes maintenance.

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