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February Weekend Loves #1

And just like that, February came along. The month when I turn 24, aaah!
It’s Saturday again, the time to relax and do stuff you enjoy. I’m back today with a list of my favourite things from the past week, so definitely stay tuned if you want to discover some new things and links.

This App

I’m one of those people that has their phone attached to their hand. I take it with me everywhere and use it all day, to check the time, talk to people and check social media. Now, of course I work in social media so it’s only logical I’d use it a little more than the average person, but lately I’ve noticed I’m using this as an excuse. Most of the time I spend on social media I consume content, not produce it. And my job is to produce, not consume. It would be really nice if I could spend some of the time I now spend refreshing Instagram, doing something else instead. Not necessarily work, but a different, more useful or fulfilling activity. I installed Quality Time on my phone, which is an app that tracks your phone activity, how often you pick up your phone, what apps you use and when… And then there’s also an option to take a break. You can program different types of “breaks” that block certain apps for a certain amount of time. Super helpful! I’m excited to see whether this helps me use my phone in a less time-wasting way.
First impression: I actually use my phone way less than I thought I did. Yay! Although that could just be because I’ve become more consious of my smartphone use since installing the app. Anyway, around two hours a day isn’t that bad at all. Right?

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Soft Glowy Winter Makeup | FOTD

I got into the mood to play around with makeup a bit again. It doesn’t happen a lot these days, but every now and then I still enjoy sitting down and really taking my time. I especially like this when I re-discover something old in my stash. This time I decided to pick up my Sleek Storm palette again for the first time in ages, and after having used it, I don’t understand how I could let it sit untouched for so long. It’s such a gorgeous, easy to work with palette! I think it’s the blues and greens in the palette putting me off, but the neutrals in there are absolutely gorgous. I created this soft, glowy, wintery makeup look with them that I’m super happy with. I used a combination of matte browns, shimmery nudes and a touch of a shimmery dark pink, almost cranberry colour on the eyes. The colours are super pretty and I definitely want to play with this palette a bit more now! Also, this is the first time in a while I didn’t apply any eyeliner. I have to say I do like how it looks and it’s also something I’d like to experiment with a bit more.

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10 Holy Grail Makeup Brushes

There are always those items you just can’t live without. Not to say I can’t live without makeup brushes, but I can’t apply my makeup without them. Well, I could, but it wouldn’t look nearly as good and I just don’t want to, haha! Over the years I’ve gathered up a nice, quite compact collection of favourites. My “holy grails”, if you will. The 10 makeup brushes I rely on the most and don’t want to work without anymore. Today I’d like to share them with you! This roundup could be really nice if you’re just getting started with makeup, or are looking to expand your collection with some really good items.

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