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March Weekend Loves #1

Welcome to the weekend, my lovely readers! As we speak, I’m at the I Love Beauty event to give a workshop in Hair Hacks, have a little meetup, browse the stalls, meet new people and have fun.
In case you’re staying in and are looking for something to watch, read or listen to, I’ve got you covered! Here are some of my favourite things of this week:

This Show

I have a total love/hate relationship with The Magicians. The storyline gets really, really bad sometimes and it’s weak overall, but the show is very aesthetically pleasing and for some reason I can’t stop watching it. What to expect? In a nutshell: sexually frustrated college-aged Harry Potter goes to Narnia. Not literally of course, but the resemblances are very striking. I know I’m not making this sound appealing at all hahaha, sorry! I binge-watched most of season two while I was on holiday and I really enjoyed it, although some of the plot turns make me laugh out loud or facepalm. It’s easy entertainment I guess, as long as you don’t expect too much of this show it’s very enjoyable. The Harry Potter-esqueness has been dropped in season two and I feel like it’s become better overall. Something fun if you need to kill some time!

This Video

I’ve discovered the world of YouTube art tutorials. I don’t know why I’ve never really looked into art tutorials on YouTube. I’ve always kind of known they were there, but for some reason I just never considered watching one..? Anyway, I bumped into this painting tutorial by Katie Jobling and I found it so inspiring. I didn’t actually pick up my own paint brush because it’s been a ridiculously busy week, but it’s just so calming to watch someone paint and learn something in the process! I’ve decided when we move into a new home, I want to buy one of those IKEA carts, fill it up with my art supplies, take my easel from my parents’ house and make a portable art station. I love painting but I rarely make time for it and part of that is because it’s such a hassle to take out my supplies and then clean up afterward, it kind of takes the fun out of painting. Having everything easiliy accessible would be really encouraging, I think! Another thing about the move to look forward to. Still no news on that front, by the way. We’re still waiting for some documents.

This Album

Ed Sheeran’s new album Divide came out just before I headed to Austria, and I’ve listened to it a couple of times already. I’m really digging the Irish influences, haha!

This Blog Post

YES, productivity tips! Anna shared her experience with the “one-touch method” yesterday in a post that’s very similar to something I have planned to go up soon. I imply this method myself as well, especially when I have a huge list of tasks that could easily get jumbled up and left unfinished/forgotten. Worth a read!

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3 thoughts on “March Weekend Loves #1”

  1. Oh man, I love watching The Magicians with my boyfriend. It’s terrible, but yes, it’s aestethically pleasing, something there is really catchy??? Hahahaha.

  2. I’ve never heard of the magicians. that series sounds interesting. i might check it out later. thanks for the recommendation!

    p.s: that ed sheeran’s album is *thumbs up*

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