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March Weekend Loves #2

Happy weekend everybody! How are you doing? The sun is shining brightly over here and I’ll definitely be heading out today.
Over the past week I’ve gathered a bunch of favourite things, videos and links to share with you. Take a look at what I’ve loved!

This Channel

Jenny Mustard is a channel that has been popping up in my recommended videos for a long time, and every now and then I’d click one of them. Lately I’ve found myself clicking on them more and more often and really enjoying them, so I thought it only fair I finally subscribe. I especially like the videos where she’s talking with her husband, like this one. The videos are always packed with good tips and I quite enjoy the simple aesthetic.

This Thingy

Last weekend at the I Love Beauty event, I found a popsocket in my goodie bag from NYX. I recognised the thing right away because I’d seen it used before, but I always wrote it off as something young teens use to make Musical.ly clips. I was also scared I wouldn’t be able to take it off anymore after I stuck it onto my phone. However, after doing a bit of research I read it’s easy to take off, so I decided to stick one on anyway. Wow wow wow! I never ever expected I’d love it as much as I do. It’s incredibly handy! I can hold my phone much more steadily whether I’m typing, taking photos from all angles, or watching a video in bed. This is one of those thing you didn’t know you needed until you had it. I love it.

This Blog

From Roses is a blog I like to have a browse through every now and then. I love Rebecca’s lifestyle posts especially, I find her very relatable and I love the aesthetics of her blog. Definitely worth a visit!

This Tea

I bought this tea in Austria a few weeks back and oh, my! I should’ve bought five boxes. This is delicious! It tastes more like fennel than pear, but the lavender is certainly detectable as well and it’s just a very nice tea to enjoy at any time of day. It’s a herbal blend that contains apple, fennel, rose hip, sweet blackberry leaves, orange leaves, lavender blossom, sweet pea, pear, citric acid, rosemary leaves, chamomile and thyme. Yum!

Have a great weekend everybody! I’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new vlog for you 🙂

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One thought on “March Weekend Loves #2”

  1. I’m happy for your vlog tomorrow! Alsooo, i watched that 2006 animation film ”Flushed Away” and thought of you and your ratties 🙂

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