It's always time for tea

My Fjällräven Re-Kånken Backpack

A few weeks back, I saw a blogpost by a Dutch blogger showcasing her new backpack. The second I saw it, I fell in love. I’d been on the lookout for a new backpack for a while and this one had everything I was looking for. It was elegant, simple, the perfect size and shape, and environmentally friendly. It was the Fjällräven Re-Kånken. Lucky for me this was just a few weeks before my birthday, and my parents were sweet enough to gift it to me as a birthday present. Meet my new backpack!

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Ginger & Honey Marinated Tempeh

A while back I noticed I was eating quite a bit of soy. Soy milk is my favourite milk alternative, soy yogurt is my favourite yogurt alternative, most veggie meats are soy-based, I love me a big pile of edamame with my sushi… I remembered something about a controversy surrounding soy so I hopped online and read some different opinions on it. I concluded I wasn’t eating that much soy, not enough for it to become a problem in any case. You’d need to eat a load of it to run into any issues. That’s great to know, but I also found out that as with any food, the less processed soy is, the better. Many of the websites I visited recommended replacing tofu with tempeh. Tempeh is a brick of fermented soy beans, and it’s one of the least processed and healthiest ways to eat soy. It’s full of proteins and probiotics! I was pretty sure I’d had it before in my life but couldn’t really remember the taste. I’d never prepared it myself, in any case!

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