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April Weekend Loves #4

Good evening, afternoon, or morning to you! Sorry my weekend loves are up a little bit later than usual, I’ve had a crazy couple of days and have barely been home at all. I’ll let you know everything that’s been going on in my photo diary on Monday, but first I have some videos and a show I want to share with you.

These Amazing People

If you only watch one thing today, let it be this. You will not regret it. I have a soft spot for elderly people, I love listening to their stories and I find them very inspiring. In this video, three people who have lived over a hundred years share their greatest life advice, and it is so good. This really motivates me to actively keep working on a positive attitude, as even though they don’t really realise it, that seems to be what’s really pulling these people through. Well worth a watch.

This Show

Robbert and I got through Taboo in a few days, so we needed a new show to watch. My parents have been watching Blindspot for a while and I saw snippets of episodes while I was over at their house. I thought it looked interesting so we started watching it as well. The show starts as a policeman finds an abandoned bag in the middle of Time’s Square. A naked woman comes out of it with severe memory loss, and her skin completely covered in fresh tattoos. One of the largest tatoos on her back is the name of an FBI agent. She’s taken to him and the FBI starts to decipher her tattoos, which lead to important discoveries that allow them to stop terrible crimes from happening. The woman joins the FBI in the investigations and slowly starts remembering things, while they also try to discover her identity. The storyline is a little bit far-fetched and overdramatic, it’s really “American-style” compared to what we watched before, but it’s interesting and once you accept that it’s not very realistic, it’s really enjoyable and gripping. I look forward to watching the rest of the two (long) seasons!

This Vlog

Stefan Michalak has outdone himself once again. The Michalak family take a road trip along the Scottish North Coast 500, and capture the most amazing sceneries in the most enchantingly beautiful way. I’m going to the Highlands on Summer camp in late August and this made me look forward to that trip even more than I already did. This video is so much more than a vlog, it’s an amazing piece of cinematography.

So, this should offer you a few hours of relaxation this weekend, haha! Have a good one, guys 🙂

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