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Duster Coat & Cherry Blossoms | OOTD

Last week, Robbert and I went on our seasonal shopping trip. Usually at the beginning of a season we’ll take a day out to head into another town and buy ourselves a few new, seasonally appropriate items. I like taking Robbert shopping with me, as for some reason he has the amazing ability to spot pieces in the store that I don’t notice or don’t immediately like, but that look amazing on me. On this most recent shopping trip, Robbert pointed out this khaki duster coat at Primark. I dismissed it right away but as we kept walking, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I headed back and decided to try it on, and of course, it looked amazing.

This is a piece I’d say isn’t really “my style”, in the sense that I don’t own anything similar and I don’t really know what to combine it with. So, naturally, I asked Robbert to help me style an outfit, using the duster coat as the key piece. And here you have it! I wouldn’t have thought of putting this together just by myself, but oh my, I do love it. I think this is a really good look with just the right amount of “out-there-ness”, I feel amazing in it and I’ll definitely be repeating this one.

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Tea Garden Launch Week | Loepsie’s Life

Hello to you all on this lovely Monday! Whoa, can you believe I actually launched a perfume yesterday? I’ve gotten so much positive response to Tea Garden, I really hope you’ll all love it when you receive your bottles! I’m kind of living on cloud nine at the moment, haha 🙂
Anyways, it’s time to share my past week with you, through the photos on my phone. Let’s take a look!

On Monday I noticed Llewelyn’s soles on his little feet were a tad red and swollen. I’m afraid it’s a beginning case of bumblefoot, so I researched ways to treat it right away and headed into town to buy him some propolis cream. We clipped his nails, did an extra deep clean of the cage and put him on a diet & exercise routine 🙂 We’re applying the cream several times a day and it’s looking good so far, so I’m hoping it might go away!

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Tea Garden | My Own Perfume!

The word is out: I’m launching a perfume!

Tea Garden is a fresh, light & feminine scent that evokes the feeling of sitting in a sunny garden in bloom, listening to the birds and enjoying a big cup of warm, green tea. I couldn’t be more proud of it and I really hope you’ll love it as much as I do! Watch the video below for all the info 🙂

Click HERE to go straight to the purchase page!

April Weekend Loves #1

How are you all doing? I’m doing really great, actually. The sunny weather has done me good, I’m on track with my work and things are looking up for me in general. I have a super, mega, incredibly exciting announcement for you tomorrow that I can’t wait to share… It’s going to be the reveal of my secret project!
But first, I have my weekly selection of favourites for you:

These Dungarees

I got these dungarees in Austria a few weeks back, never ever expecting I’d love them as much as I do. I pretty much live in these and have to change before filming videos, so that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing the same thing all the time. I can’t wait to wear them throughout different seasons and find new ways to style them. If you have any dungaree styling tips, I’ll be happy to hear them!

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