It's always time for tea

Mocha Face Mask | DIY

Mocha Face Mask: combine 1 tbsp each of ground oats, ground coffee, cacao powder and soy milk. Apply to face, leave for 10 minutes until dry. Rinse & enjoy hydrated, exfoliated skin!

Nothing says me-time pamper session quite like a DIY, all natural face mask. I love trying out new recipes regularly and when something works, of course I have to share it with you. This time I have a super fun mocha face mask for you, inspired by the hot beverage┬ámany of us love. Many of you, really, as I’m sure you know I don’t really drink coffee. Tea for me all day every day. I much prefer my mocha on my face! This mask is super hydrating and will leave your skin feeling plump, bright and exfoliated.

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Great Food Week | Loepsie’s Life

Happy Monday everybody! Here we are again. It’s incredible how fast time goes, can you believe we’re already half-way through May? I had a bit of a slower week this past week and it really did me good. It’s still a super busy period but I’m just glad I’m getting everything done without getting stressed. Work/life balance back on track! ­čÖé Let’s take a look at what I was up to last week.

On Monday evening I headed home after dance class…

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Katie’s Carrot Cake | Recipe

Believe it or not, I’ve been on a successful baking streak. As comfortable as I feel with pots and pans and vegetables, unfortunately I’m a terrible baker. I’m a very “pinch of this, bit of that” type of cook, and that just doesn’t work in baking. Pair that with a less-than-optimal oven, and you’ve got yourself heaps of black cakes with raw centres. Every now and then however, I run into a baking recipe that for some reason just works. There is one blog in particular where I nearly always succeed when I try one of the recipes: Chocolate Covered Katie. I’ve been following her blog for a few years now as her recipes are all vegan, healthy (compared to traditional recipes) and easy.

When my birthday came around and I wanted to treat my guests to some homemade cake, Chocolate Covered Katie is who I turned to. I decided to give her Healthy Carrot Cake a go, and it was a huge success. It’s moist, sweet, delicious… Just perfect. Definitely give this one a go if you’re looking for a healthy-ish vegan homemade treat!

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Dutch Tea Festival

There’s a really exciting event coming up in the Netherlands that I’d like to tell you about, just in case any of you are able to make it there, as I’m sure you’ll absolutely love it: it’s the Dutch Tea Festival!

The event is held in a hall in Utrecht, and will be divided into three sections: the market hall, the tea garden, and the workshop spaces.

At the market hall there’ll be over 40 stands selling tea and tea-related items, including… LOEPSIE TEA GARDEN! I’ll be at the festival selling my perfume in a stand at the market ­čÖé I’m so excited! You’ll be able to meet me there for a chat too, of course.
When you enter the festival, you get a goodie bag which includes a tasting cup that you can take with you to all the stalls to try their teas. Infinite tasting opportunities.

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