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10 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

Well hello hello there, my lovely online friends! It sure has been a while since I managed to get a post up that wasn’t a photo diary or video. My sincere apologies. The summer holiday period is always madness in my life and even though I feel like I’m coping with it better and better every year, there’s still room for improvement. The thing is, in the weeks leading up to scouting summer camps and my trip to Slovakia to visit my family, I need to pre-film, edit and schedule over a month’s worth of videos, if I want videos to go up at the same frequency as usual while I’m away. Which I do, of course. This does mean I’m producing videos at two/three times the usual rate. All my creativity and content ideas end up going into this enormous amount of videos and I find myself devoid of time, energy and creativity for making enough blog posts too. As my YouTube channel is always my top priority, I make sure I have all my videos taken care of first, before I worry about blog posts. And so it sometimes happens that there are none. I’m very sorry but I can guarantee you this will pick up after the summer holiday, as it always does 🙂 Thank you for your patience!

Over the past few years, I’ve gotten to know myself better than ever before. I can now confidently say that I’m a person who enjoys having a routine, and is happiest at home. Being away from home and away from my regular schedule like I am during the summer holiday is stressful enough for me (*cough* travel anxiety *cough*) without the pressure of scheduling in enough content. I’m also the type of person who, when stressed, tends to whine and complain about it. Today, I’m taking a break from that. I’m taking a step back, away from complaining, because honestly I have nothing to complain about whatsoever and the negative is all in my head. I’m going to list ten things that make me happy right now. Because apart from a little bit of unsettlement and pressure, the summer also brings many wonderful things that I wouldn’t want to miss. Let’s go!

1) The Sun
I’m greatly affected by the weather, and waking up to a sunny day can make me feel instantly happy and energised. It’s so much harder to be grumpy when the sun is shining and everybody is cheerful. There are few things as wonderful as feeling the sunshine on your skin, so yes, a little appreciation for the sun is in order.

2) Loved Ones
As an introvert, spending the majority of my time around people is something that drains my energy and I tend to avoid. It can also be really nice though, to intensely spend time with family or friends. I cherish those moments together and most of them happen during this season.

3) The Outdoors
The one thing that truly makes me relax is being in nature, away from urban life and all the usual responsibilities. When I go away in summer, I typically spend a lot of time in quiet places surrounded by trees, and that’s absolute bliss for me.

4) My New Laptop
In stark contrast with what I just said about getting away from urban life and all, I recently purchased a new laptop and I’m head over heels in love with it. It’s a Microsoft Surface, which is basically a laptop/tablet convertible. The keyboard is detachable so you can use it as either a regular laptop or a tablet, but it has the power of a good laptop so I can use it to do work as well. I’m a gadget girl and this is giving me all the happy feels.

5) Game of Thrones
Obviously the new season of Game of Thrones started again, and they kept us waiting a long time this time around. I’m going to admit that since I’d already finished all the books and was all caught up with the show and there was nothing new GoT related to do, the long wait made me lose my interest in the Westeros world a little. Happy to say the first two episodes re-kindled that and I’m super excited to watch the rest of the season!

6) Not Working
My job used to be my hobby for years before it became serious, and I absolutely love doing it. I can’t imagine myself doing any other job at the moment, but being self-employed, sometimes my whole entire life seems to be about social media. Sometimes it’s nice to completely get away from that, deal with some FOMO and get over it, and just not do any work-related activities for a while. I enjoy having some time off, and by the end of it I’m always very eager to get back to creating content.

7) Summer Fruit
The very best fruit comes in summer. My favourite fruits ever are stone fruits (wild peaches in particular) and fresh berries, and there are plenty of those these months. Not to mention watermelons. Every time I eat one of these fruits I just really appreciate the taste, and the fact that I can afford to buy these foods now (I went a few years without). Give me all the fruit!

8) Dressing In One Layer
Oh, the ease and convenience of dressing in one layer of clothing only… Not having to wear a jacket and coat and scarf and socks and boots every time you leave the door, or stockings under your jeans and tank tops underneath sweaters! It doesn’t happen a lot here, even in summer, that you can go out without a jacket completely, but when it does I cherish every moment of it.

9) My Haircut
Ok, I feel like these “things that make me happy” are getting stranger and stranger as the list goes on, haha! But yes, my haircut is currently making me very happy. I snipped a few cm’s off my ends a few weeks back and in combination with my still relatively new bangs, I love the way my hair looks now more than I have in years. I’m still hoping my hair grows back to waist or even hip length (fingers crossed) in full thickness, but even if it shouldn’t, I really like the length and thickness it’s at now. The bangs have become a bit of a signature thing for me I feel, and I’m still absolutely in love with them.

10) Being A Business Owner
A few months back, I registered Loepsie with the Chamber of Commerce and it became a proper business. Which now makes me a business owner. Even though making things official has only added a bunch of boring and stressful stuff to what I already did, I do feel really proud of it. It makes me feel like I’ve achieved something, and like I have an actual, proper job now that nobody can deny. As a little girl I used to pretend I was an important businesswoman, walk around with a briefcase filled with notebooks and pens and make clicking sounds with my tongue every time I took a step to simulate the sound high heels make, haha! That’s kind of how I feel now, even though it’s silly and far from reality. My inner child is very proud 🙂

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3 thoughts on “10 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now”

  1. Sometimes you just have to stop and focus on the good things! It really helps to put things into perspective. Congrats for your business achievement!!!

  2. your posts like these really make my day.. especially when one is feeling down.. it reminds you to notice the small (but very important) things and also what happiness is truly about…
    I wish you a very happy summer 🙂

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