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My Everyday Look For Autumn

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you autumn is my favourite season, when it comes to fashion and beauty. There’s nothing I look forward to more than wrapping myself in burgundy, preferably head to toe. Ok, maybe not completely. Wouldn’t want to miss out on how amazing it looks combined with black. I love wearing dark, muted colours, and in autumn they just seem a lot more fitting. My makeup can’t stay behind when the seasons change, of course. I’ve dug up my dark lip colours from the bottom of my lipstick drawer and let me tell you, it’s good to see them again. I’ve got myself a nice little collection of dark reds, plums and berry tones that I can’t wait to wear.

This summer I adopted a very simple, minimal makeup look. Usually when autumn comes around, I slowly start to add more items back into my daily routine. My skin goes a bit paler (which for me means GREEN), I get a nice little red Rudolph nose, and I feel like I can just get away with a few more products. This year I’ve managed to still keep it pretty minimal now that autumn’s rolled around. I suspect I’ll be going heavier as we get closer to winter, but for now, I’m happy with just a few items. Here’s what I’m using at the moment!

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A Trip To The Efteling & A Bike Hostage | Loepsie’s Life

Hello to you, my lovely readers! I’m back again with another photo diary, showing you everything I was up to in the past week. This week has been a strange one, I have to say. Strange, but loads of fun. Let’s take a look!

Strange happening no. 1: when I got to Utrecht on my way home from dance class, I came to my bike which I’d parked at the central station, and found… Somebody else’s lock. On my bike. I asked the guard at the bike park what to do, and he advised me to come back next day with a saw (?!). He was fully prepared to help me get the lock off but he wasn’t allowed to supply the tools. The police apparently aren’t allowed to take a stranger’s lock off your bike either, as that would be considered damaging someone’s property. The guard said this happens quite a lot, sometimes people accidentally lock someone else’s bike in a hurry, thinking it’s theirs.

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