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Kelly Kapowski | Beauty Beacons of Fiction

Oh yes, it’s finally time for a new episode of Beauty Beacons of Fiction! Today I’m recreating the look of a personal beauty beacon of mine: Saved By The Bell’s Kelly Kapowski. I’m going to show you how to get her iconic hair and makeup look. Enjoy!

My 2018 Goals & Resolutions

Happy new year my lovely readers! I hope you’re all off to a great start, and have a wonderful year this year. I’m super excited to get back into working full time again, after the hectic move and holidays. This year, new year’s feels like a proper new beginning for me as so much has recently changed. I expect it’ll take some time for Robbert and me to get into a routine together that works perfectly for the both of us, and of course we’ll have to learn to live with having each other around all the time, haha! So far living together has been amazing, but there’s always room for improvement and I still haven’t completely gotten used to life here. There’ll be a Tea Time video up tomorrow all about the move and the new living situation so stay tuned for more of that, but besides settling in I do have a few more little things I’d like to focus on in 2018.

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