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Belle (Beauty and the Beast) | Beauty Beacons of Fiction

Beauty Beacons time! In this episode of Beauty Beacons of Fiction I’m going to show you how to get Belle’s iconic look from the beginning of Beauty and the Beast, to celebrate the premiere of the new live-action movie starring Emma Watson.

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Trying Pink Colorista Washout On Dark Hair

Last week, l’OrĂ©al invited me to the Dutch launch of their new Colorista range: a set of hair dyes, temporary hair dyes, and coloured hair sprays to easily give hair a fun colour at home. I love this concept and I think they’re right on time with launching this: fun, unnatural hair colours are very fashionable at the moment! I’m happy to see them so easily accessible in drugstores.

They gave me a few items from the Colorista range to try out, among which was this Colorista Washout temporary hair dye in the colour Dirty Pink. I was specifically given a goodie bag for dark hair so even though the packaging says this colour is meant for blondes, I was curious to see whether it would maybe work on my dark hair, even just a little. I decided to hold off trying the bright turquoise dye they also gave me a little longer and start by giving the more subtle Dirty Pink a try. Not just to see how it would show up on my hair, but also to try the dying process with a colour that can’t go horribly wrong. Alright, let’s go!

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