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Winter Hair Care Tips

If you live in a place where it gets cold in winter, your hair will need a little bit more love and care in those months. I’m sharing some tips with you in today’s video to keep your hair happy and healthy through the freezing cold. Enjoy!

Kelly Kapowski | Beauty Beacons of Fiction

Oh yes, it’s finally time for a new episode of Beauty Beacons of Fiction! Today I’m recreating the look of a personal beauty beacon of mine: Saved By The Bell’s Kelly Kapowski. I’m going to show you how to get her iconic hair and makeup look. Enjoy!

Boho Cheat Braid | Last Minute NYE Hairstyle

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Still looking for a way to wear your hair tonight? This “cheat braid” is super easy to do and looks absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for your support this year everybody, let’s have an amazing 2018 together. Stay safe!

Easy No Heat Hairstyles For Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody! Today I’m bringing you three simple hairstyles that you can easily do this Christmas. No styling tools required, just a hair elastic and some bobby pins. Enjoy watching and happy holidays!

Wearing & Blending Extensions In Fine Hair

In today’s video I’m going to show you how you can hide clip-in extensions in fine or thin hair. I’m sharing some tips and tricks you can use to make sure the wefts don’t show and nobody will be able to tell you’re wearing extensions. Enjoy!