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Anna Karina | Beauty Beacons

It’s Sunday: time for a video, and it’s a brand new episode of Beauty Beacons this time! In this episode I’m going to recreate the iconic look of much requested 60s French new wave cinema star Anna Karina. We’re doing both hair and makeup for that perfect laid-back chic French look. Enjoy!

Hairstyles For Dancing, Workout & Gym

In today’s video I’m going to share four hairstyles with you that I like to wear during dance rehearsals. It’s extra important for dancers to know the hair is securely tied away and won’t get in the way of your routine: these are some styles I’ve found work great for me. They are practical and pretty: the perfect combo 🙂

Winter Hair Care Tips

If you live in a place where it gets cold in winter, your hair will need a little bit more love and care in those months. I’m sharing some tips with you in today’s video to keep your hair happy and healthy through the freezing cold. Enjoy!