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Neutralising Green Hair With Pink Dye

A little over two months back, I used l’Oréal Colorista Washout “temporary” hair dye in the colour turquoise. My hair turned green.

Even though I really liked the colour, I didn’t actually want green hair forever. I trusted that the dye would fully wash out, as my hair is dark and has never been bleached or chemically treated. I documented the entire fading process of the colour, for the 15 washes that it was supposed to take for the dye to disappear, according to the packaging. After about 10 washes, when I washed my hair, the water was clear every time so I could tell no colour was coming out any more. I was left with pretty bright green staining on the lightest, driest parts of my ends, and a faint cool wash over my entire hair.

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Neutralising Green Hair With Ketchup

Approximately two months ago, I dyed my hair turquoise. Or actually, I was supposed to dye my hair turquoise. It turned out green instead. As much as I did love the end result, I really like my natural colour too so I was glad the dye was temporary and going to fade within 15 washes. Or so the packaging said. As you can probably guess, it didn’t completely fade, and now we’re here. I personally don’t mind the slight green cast that’s still over my hair. My brown is a bit cooler and there are a couple of green streaks in the brittle, lighter parts of my ends, it looks quite nice really. However, I can imagine someone could be really unhappy with getting a green cast over their hair for whatever reason, so I decided to jump on this opportunity and try a couple of DIY methods that are supposed to get rid of the green, to let you know what works. First up: neutralising green hair with ketchup!

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