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18th Century Hair Tutorial | Hulu Harlots

Yes, the hair tutorial is here! In today’s video I’m going to show you how to recreate a gorgeous 18th century hairstyle inspired by the Hulu original show Harlots, which is set in Georgian London. We’re also going to talk about the hair trends of the period. Enjoy watchin and be sure to check out Harlots, streaming on Hulu every Wednesday!

Going Green With Colorista Washout Turquoise

A few weeks back, I stubbornly tried to dye my hair pink using the l’OrĂ©al Colorista Washout in #DirtyPink. Nothing happened. That’s not surprising though as that dye was meant specifically for blonde hair and I was warned against using it on dark hair. The Colorista line does however also contain some dyes that should work on dark hair, which is super fun. Bright colours are usually pretty unobtainable for us dark haired girls that would like to stay dark haired, instead of bleaching their hair to death before dying. l’OrĂ©al gave me their Colorista Washout dye in #Turquoise to try at the launch event a few months back, and now the time has finally come to give the colorista turquoise a go.

l'Oreal Colorista Turquoise

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