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DIY Natural Hair Lightener

Oh, dying hair… It’s something women (and men) have been doing since the dawn of men, and I don’t think we’ll ever stop. One of the most popular but also most hair damaging procedures, is going lighter. Luckily, I’ve got a DIY all natural hair lightener recipe for you that you can use to make that summer glow, balayage, or bright highlights happen! This recipe will lighten your hair a few shades at a time with minimal damage, so with time you can go as light as you wish, completely free of nasty chemicals. Enjoy!


Hair History: Ancient Egypt

Ta-daah! I present to you the first episode of my new series: Hair History! Similarly to my last series Makeup History, I’ll be going all throughout history and spilling a bunch of info on the hair customs, fashions and rituals of each era, before doing a hair tutorial inspired by the era.

In episode one I’m going to talk about the Ancient Egyptians. I really hope you enjoy it!