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Ways To Wear Your Hair With Hats

Hats are one of my favourite fashion accessories, and I think they’re generally very underrated. Hats can look so cute and they can spruce up an otherwise very simple outfit.
I think what holds people back from wearing hats is the struggle on what to do with your hair beneath the hat. Today I’m going to share five different ways you can wear your hair with a hat, that are going to make you look awesome. Enjoy!


Cutting Layers Into My Hair

If you watch my vlogs, you’ll probably know that I recently decided to cut my hair. I did it pretty much on a whim, although the thought had been going through my head for a few days. I knew I wanted to keep the length and not do anything too dramatic (I considered getting bangs again briefly, but that idea went out the window pretty fast), but I did want a change.

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