It's always time for tea

GRWM: Spring is Here

The sun is back! I’m so happy I could just jump with joy. Something about the bright sunlight, warm weather, blooming flowers and happy people in sidewalk cafes just makes me feel giddy and excited for whatever it is I’m doing.
I’ve been making a point of taking a break from work and going out into the park every day that the weather is like this; either for a short walk or a more extensive sit-down reading session. I love it! There are always children playing there, young couples in love, elderly people enjoying the sunshine on benches, dogs jumping around… And everybody’s smiling. Spring is awesome.

Get ready with me for an early spring day of work and play!


No Heat Waves

I’m always on the hunt for great heatless curling methods. Overnight curls are my favourite, it’s just so amazing to wake up with great curly hair.
I do have a problem with overnight waves, however. Sleeping with my hair in braids or twists just doesn’t cut it for me; since my hair is pretty thin, my ends are twisted or braided way too tightly and end up as tiny, frizzy crimps. I can successfully curl my hair overnight with several different methods, and now I finally have a overnight wave method that works. Check it out in the video below!

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