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Cindy Crawford | Beauty Beacons

It’s about time for a new episode of Beauty Beacons, don’t you think?
For the longest time I’ve held off on recreating looks from the 90s, because I thought they were too recent. Like, yesterday. Then I realised that’s just because I remember them, and I’m not getting any younger. So… Here’s Cindy Crawford for ya, a 90s Beauty Beacon if there’s ever been one. Enjoy!

My Current Minimal Summer Makeup Routine

Fresh-faced minimal makeup routine for summer. Only 6 products!

Since temperatures went up in mid spring, I’ve found myself gravitating towards a new, very minimal makeup routine. I originally took things in this direction to prevent makeup from melting off my face during a heat wave, but I’ve actually really been liking doing my makeup like this every day now. This look is quick to apply in the morning, quick to remove in the evening, and allows my skin to breathe. Plus, I think it looks youthful and fresh and I don’t feel like I “need” more right now. Let’s take a look at my summer of ’17 go-to products!

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