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Used up: Catrice Re-Touch Light-Reflecting Concealer

I’m introducing a new category of posts on Loepsie.com! I really enjoy empties videos and posts and I know I’m not the only one. ¬†They’re the perfect way to get good information and opinions about products from people who’ve actually used the product for a long time. Given that I’m on a tight budget, I’ve always been very economical in my use of beauty products. Because of this nature of mine, I won’t be able to gather enough empty products to do regular empties videos anytime soon. However, my collection has been growing and I feel like I should use my stuff up. I want to use it up! And I also want to share what I think of it. So for that reason, from now on I’m going to write reviews of the products I use up!

Today we’re kicking it off with the Catrice Re-Touch Light-Reflecting concealer.

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