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Purging & Organising My Makeup

When October comes around and I start working on Halloween tutorials, my makeup collection takes a hit. Products get mixed up, SFX stuff makes its way into my daily stash, things go missing, and the mess… Oh, the mess! A thorough purge and cleanse is necessary.

I took a few hours out of my day to take all my makeup out of the drawers, clean the products, throw some out, and put them back in a more orderly fashion.

I hope watching this will inspire some of you to go through your collections as well. It needs to be done every now and then!


Used up: Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo

I used up a bottle of shampoo! It’s a miracle!
For some reason, shampoos tend to last me forever. I got this one last christmas, so I used it for almost a year. What?! Here’s my review of the Organix ever straight brazilian keratin therapy shampoo.

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My Favourite Nude Eyeshadows

Nude eyeshadow is one of those makeup staples I couldn’t live without. The right shade and finish can give you an open, awake look in seconds if you just sweep it across your eyelids. Lighter nudes can brighten up your look, while darker nudes provide definition. I’ve been collecting nude eyeshadows for years looking for the perfect one, so today I want to share my favourites with you!

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