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One Month Off Hormones | Update

It’s been a month now since I stopped using my NuvaRing and went off hormonal contraception. I promised I’d keep you posted on how it’s going, so I think it’s time for an update! In case you missed my first post about going off hormones, you may want to read that first. I explain all my reasons for why I decided to stop, my expectations for the transition period and after, and what I’m planning to use for contraception now.

I’m going to be honest with you straight away: this has been the most underwhelming change since I went vegan. It seems like whenever I make a big change like this, I go in expecting all these fabulous results that people on the internet get from it, and then… nothing happens. As of yet I don’t feel any different than I did on hormones. I do feel good, but no different than I did before. None of that it feels like a veil has been lifted feeling, no more intense emotions or “emotional flatness”. This may still change as it’s only been a short while since I stopped, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see about that. So far I feel the same mood-wise.  Now as with going vegan, I’m not actually doing it for amazing differences in how I feel. The lack of change in this department so far isn’t any reason for me to go back on hormones, and in fact I’m glad I didn’t end up feeling worse (which was a possible outcome as well).

As the month progressed, I wrote down any symptoms I experienced that might possibly be connected to going off hormones. I have no way of knowing whether they actually are connected, some of them may have had other causes, but I thought I’d jot everything down anyway as my main goal here is to share my personal experience. So let’s go!

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I’m Going Off Hormones

Alright, the time has come. This is the week I should start a new cycle with my NuvaRing… And won’t. I’ve decided to come off hormonal contraception. And since for some reason I feel no shame about topics like this, I’ve decided to document the process. Over the next couple of months, I’m going to let you know what happens to my body and mind as I re-adjust to my natural menstrual cycle, and become independent from artificial hormones. I’ll be sharing the good, the bad, and everything inbetween.

Lately I keep coming across more and more women who decide to come off hormonal contraception. It might be my age and the life phase I’m entering (24), but since the vast majority of these women aren’t looking to get pregnant yet, I don’t think that’s the case. I think it’s more to do with the trend of wanting everything to be more natural, and a rising aversion against long-term non-necessary synthetic hormone use. And I’m ok with that. Whatever the reason is, I’ve noticed more ladies would like to ditch their hormonal contraceptives and IMO, the more stories there are about the process, the better. Awareness, empowerment, education, you know the deal. So I’m going to add my story to the pool. Before I get started, it might be good to share a brief history of what contraceptive I’m currently on, and why.

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10 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

Well hello hello there, my lovely online friends! It sure has been a while since I managed to get a post up that wasn’t a photo diary or video. My sincere apologies. The summer holiday period is always madness in my life and even though I feel like I’m coping with it better and better every year, there’s still room for improvement. The thing is, in the weeks leading up to scouting summer camps and my trip to Slovakia to visit my family, I need to pre-film, edit and schedule over a month’s worth of videos, if I want videos to go up at the same frequency as usual while I’m away. Which I do, of course. This does mean I’m producing videos at two/three times the usual rate. All my creativity and content ideas end up going into this enormous amount of videos and I find myself devoid of time, energy and creativity for making enough blog posts too. As my YouTube channel is always my top priority, I make sure I have all my videos taken care of first, before I worry about blog posts. And so it sometimes happens that there are none. I’m very sorry but I can guarantee you this will pick up after the summer holiday, as it always does 🙂 Thank you for your patience!

Over the past few years, I’ve gotten to know myself better than ever before. I can now confidently say that I’m a person who enjoys having a routine, and is happiest at home. Being away from home and away from my regular schedule like I am during the summer holiday is stressful enough for me (*cough* travel anxiety *cough*) without the pressure of scheduling in enough content. I’m also the type of person who, when stressed, tends to whine and complain about it. Today, I’m taking a break from that. I’m taking a step back, away from complaining, because honestly I have nothing to complain about whatsoever and the negative is all in my head. I’m going to list ten things that make me happy right now. Because apart from a little bit of unsettlement and pressure, the summer also brings many wonderful things that I wouldn’t want to miss. Let’s go!

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Why YouTubers Change So Much | Tea Time

Hello to you my lovely readers! I’m sorry for the slight radio silence. The annual “Wie Is De Mol” camp at our scouting was this weekend and, as always, it was madness. I was still there on Monday and spent pretty much all of Tuesday napping the tiredness and muscle aches away, so I didn’t manage to get my photo diary up. I’m back now though so rest assured! 🙂 I have a chatty video for you today.

It’s tea time! Go make yourself a cup of your favourite hot beverage and sit back as we chat for a bit. Today I wanted to talk about why YouTubers change so much. As always, feel free to share your opinion in the comments! Enjoy!