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A Message For Real Women

I feel attacked by pop culture. Bombarded with slurs ranging from “stick figure” to downright “f*** the skinny b****es”. Not that I take the opinions of Nicki Minaj or Meghan Trainor to heart much, but they’re undeniably influential figures and there are definitely people who do. I do, however, take some other people’s opinions to heart. People on my Facebook timeline, for example.

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How To Prevent Winter Blues

Leaves are turning brown, a chilly wind is picking up, and days are slowly but surely getting shorter. It recently struck me that I’ve now started waking up in the dark again, and it’s almost time to set the clock back by an hour as well… It’s clear, autumn is upon us! As much as I love the colder months and as excited as I am that they’re here, I know that for many people this rings the beginning of winter blues.

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Why I Don’t Watch The News

I took social sciences in highschool. It was mandatory, and a huge part of the subject was following the news closely, every single day. We’d get tests at the end of the week about details from the news, to make sure we were really following all of it. I had never watched the news so intensely before, and after a few weeks I noticed I was starting to feel worse.

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Being Rude To Strangers?

I want to pick your brains again. Last friday, I was cycling to Utrecht central station, in a big crowd of people. We stopped at a red light. Behind me, I heard a girl say to her friend: “do you hate Air Max as much as I do?” To which the friend replied: “yeah, especially white ones with blue accents.” “Especially with purple socks in them. Purple socks with white dots.” “So ugly. Who wears something like that.” “Yeah, eww, hahaha!”

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Appreciating the Little Things

Every now and then, someone comments on how cheerful and happy I always look. Even though I’m not really always cheerful and happy, I do have a little tip I want to share with you: it’s all about the details. I’ve found that in order to overcome big downs in your life, or just to feel happiness on a daily basis, you need to learn to appreciate the little things in life. All of the little things sum up to be something quite big: the beautiful world around us. Realising this and learning how to truly see it will bring you amazing, easily accessible joy.

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