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How Far Would You Go?

Last week, in a wasted moment, I was browsing 9GAG and came across a picture of Taylor Swift’s butt. In fact, they were two pictures. One of a small butt, and one of a big butt, both belonging to Taylor Swift. Regardless of whether she did or did not get implants, the images sparked a few thoughts. So I want to pick your brains today, on your opinions about body modification. Let me begin by sharing my own thoughts.

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How I Got Through Highschool

During the last year of elementary school, my best friend (who watched too much American TV) started a drill campaign to get us ready for highschool. Only one thing mattered: popularity. If you weren’t popular, you would most certainly find your head in a toilet bowl and your books scattered in trashcans. She thoroughly prepared me for terrifying scenarios like: “What if a geek turns up in the same outfit as you?” or “An ugly girl wants to be your friend. What do you do?”. Regardless of what this probably tells you about my happy elementary school experience *cough*, I was terrified and intent on becoming the most fabulous, popular Lizzie McGuire look-a-like ever.

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How To Be A Morning Person

I love mornings for multiple reasons. Early mornings are just like nights, only safer. Great for walks. In the morning, the rational side of my brain takes over and I don’t get anxious. I wake up every morning with the feeling that there’s a whole world of possibilities opening before me. And because I know not everybody feels that way about mornings, I’m here to share my top tips on how to be a morning person.

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