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How To Be Productive When You Feel Lazy

Good day to you, my lovely readers. I hope you’ve had an amazing Christmas these past few days, I know I sure have! The food baby is real. Anyways, I don’t know if it’s just me, but on the days between Christmas and New Year’s I always feel kind of lost. I tend to forget what day it is, sleep a lot and feel super, mega lazy. But life goes on and stuff needs to get done! So today I thought I’d share some ways that you can be more productive on lazy days. Perfect for the inter-holiday week, but also applicable to any other lazy days in the year.

Make a Short To-Do List of Priorities

Let’s just face it; you’re not going to get as much done today as you had planned. The first step towards overcoming laziness is to accept and embrace it. Start by going over everything you had planned to do today, and making a list of only the most important 3 – 5 tasks. Push yourself a little and try to get at least these tasks done today. This way you’ll know for sure you haven’t wasted a day, while still cutting yourself some slack.

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Silver Play Button!

I received a silver play button last week! For those of you who don’t know, the silver play button is an award that YouTube gives to creators who surpass 100.000 subscibers. And strange as it sounds, that is something I’ve done. In fact, I have over 140.000 subscribers by now (it takes them a while to make the button, haha)! I’m still baffled by how this could ever happen and that so many people would be willing to hit the red button and get my videos in their feed.

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Good Bye Comfort Zone, Good Bye Anxiety

Sounds contradictory, right?

At the end of summer vacation, I did something that was way out of my comfort zone: I went on summer camp. I’ve talked about the camp before on my blog, but there’s a side to it I haven’t shared yet. You see, scouting is Robbert’s thing. I think it’s important in a relationship to show interest in each other’s hobbies, and scouting is a big part of Robbert’s life. After we’d been together for a while I became involved in scouting as well, but as much as I like it, it was always still kind of his thing. You know, just like he plays Dungeons & Dragons with me and my friends. He enjoys it, but it’s mostly my thing. I don’t think he’d be playing if it wasn’t for me. Well, scouting is his thing, and that’s mostly because pretty much everything about it is outside of my comfort zone. It involves taking way more risks than my anxiety-prone mind would normally ever be willing to take. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve done something I found incredibly scary (or even dangerous and stupid) in my three years at the scouting. Mind you, I’m very quick to find things scary, dangerous and stupid. I’m a bit of a paranoid person.

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