It's always time for tea

Challenged By Melaniie

Melanie Murphy, also known as Melaniie, is an amazingly beautiful Irish girl who I absolutely love. She makes really entertaining videos about all sorts of things, including battling acne, weight loss and daily vlogs. You guys should check out her channel, I guarantee you will fall in love with her personality.

Anyway, back to topic. Her and I got together to do this little collaboration. I sent her five challenges to do, and she sent me hers. She had me doing some things that were, well… slightly out of my comfort zone. I had an absolute blast filming this, I really hope you enjoy watching it!
Click here to see what I made Melanie do (muahaha)!

I’m in Cosmopolitan NL!

OH MY GOD! Is this really happening?
I got contacted by Cosmopolitan NL. They’re doing a spread on “YouTube Queens” and wanted to do a photoshoot and interview with me. Needless to say, I was beyond excited. And now it’s out!
Confession: I go into every magazine store I walk by, grab a Cosmo, and flip to my page, just to go *squee!*, put it back and walk away. Haha!