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Maastricht Trip | Loepsie’s Life

Happy Easter Monday everybody! I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday and are nice and rested up. I gratefully spent my weekend doing nothing, which was much needed after a super busy week. As every Monday, today I’m going to share my past week with you through the photos on my phone.

Starting with this adorable display of brotherly love 🙂

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Ed Sheeran & Sunshine | Loepsie’s Life

Good morning my lovely readers! So far, spring has been an absolute treat here in the Netherlands. I know I keep talking about the weather every week but 1) the weather affects my mood a lot and 2) it’s what the Dutch do. We talk about the weather. So, luckily, this week it has been perfect again. Not too temptingly sunny on workdays so I was able to get everything done, but amazing on the weekend. I’m going to take you along today on a recap of my week, which includes an Ed Sheeran concert, a lot of hair stuff, and a boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam.

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Spring Has Sprung | Loepsie’s Life

Happy Monday my lovely readers! Last week I still had my down moments, although luckily I felt much better overall than the week before. I took it super easy this weekend and I’m hoping I’ve fully recovered now from that crazy week 🙂 The absolutely amazing sunny weather sure helped a lot! I went out on walks a lot to enjoy the sunshine and it was lovely. Let’s take a look at what my week was like!

Walkies! I took the ratties out for some playtime in my room. The rest of the day was spent doing my admin work & planning, you know the deal.

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A Roller Coaster Of A Week | Loepsie’s Life

Happy Monday everybody, and happy equinox! I’m going to go ahead and just say it’s been a while since I’ve been this glad for a week to be over. Last week was… Intense. The moment I came home from my holiday I unknowingly got on a crazy roller coaster ride that lasted the whole week. Something went wrong with my secret project which needed to be fixed right away, I discussed an amazing offer that’s ridiculously exciting but super scary at the same time, I had to prepare a fun, engaging 45-minute workshop for the weekend, and besides all of that I had to film videos and write posts on the day they go up, as I was out of pre-produced content. All of these deadlines and really big, important things right after coming home and having left my family in another country once more, were a little bit too much for me to take. I’m actually really proud of myself for getting almost everything done and only breaking down a little bit, haha 🙂 Anyways, as my mind was occupied by other things and I wasn’t feeling my best in general, I didn’t take a great many photos last week. I’m still going to show you what I did take though!

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