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We Got Baby Rats! | Loepsie’s Life

Well, it’s here again. Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. I have to say, as I look out the window, the weather is absolutely perfect for the occasion. Dark, rainy, dreary… Luckily, I have no reason to feel down at all. As I’m sitting here, typing this blog post, I have two adorable little baby ratties tucked away in my scarf. Late last week I got the message that the babies had grown big enough to come home with me, so I made an appointment and we brought them home on Friday. The new additions to our little family were definitely the biggest event this week, but let’s take a look at everything else I was up to as well 🙂

So far I’ve been sticking to my new year’s resolutions very well. Behold my healthy lunch bowl! Preparing these takes more time than putting peanut butter on a sandwich, but with a bit of prepping it’s definitely manageable. And eating a bowl of wonderful, colourful deliciousness is so much more enjoyable than having a sandwich!

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A Fresh Start | Loepsie’s Life

Greetings to you all on this beautiful, sunny Monday! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend. Welcome to the first photo diary of 2018! After a few weeks of vlogging, I have to admit I needed some time to get back into taking photos for Loepsie’s Life. For some reason one of the moments when I always remember to take photos is when I’m about to eat food, so prepare for lots of food pics in this one 🙂 The first week of the new year was really good over here. We took it nice and easy, I spent some time figuring out my weekly schedule, and there was plenty of time for friends. Let’s take a look at the photos I took.

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Here Comes Santa Claus | Vlogmas #4

Welcome to the last week of Vlogmas! Christmas has gone and past, but I still have the whole week leading up to it to share with you. Including Christmas itself, of course. Enjoy!

Christmas In Amsterdam | Vlogmas #3

The third week of Vlogmas is here! Only one more week to go… Can you believe how quickly December has gone by? This week I really got festive with a bunch of Christmas parties, gift shopping and more decorating of the new house. Enjoy!

Snowy And Very Festive | Vlogmas #2

Welcome to Vlogmas 2017 week 2! This week we got some exceptionally heavy snowfall for Dutch standards, we put up the Christmas decorations and got some final bits and bobs for the house. Enjoy watching!