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Last Normal Days In Utrecht | Loepsie’s Life

Happy Monday, everybody! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and are ready to tackle a new week. I know I sure am! I spent the past two days doing practically nothing. Getting some rest was great and much needed, as tomorrow is the day the moving madness officially begins. My moving plan is all ready and I made it nice and detailed to make sure I don’t forget anything. To be honest with you, as excited as I am to finally move, I can’t wait to get this over with. Unpacking, organising and decorating is something I look forward to, but packing up and the actual moving process… It better be finished soon. I am glad I finally get to actually do something hands-on, though. I’ll start filming my moving vlogs tomorrow as well (including the neighbourhood tour in Utrecht) so know those will be up soon! 🙂 But first, let’s take a look what I was up to last week.

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A New Phone | Loepsie’s Life

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday. Last Tuesday night, in the middle of a Dungeons & Dragons session, my phone died and I wasn’t able to turn it back on again. It wouldn’t react to plugging the charger in either, so I figured the phone just finally gave up. I did drop it in the toilet a few months back, so I’m not surprised it didn’t last long after that. This does mean I lost all photos I took the first few days of the week, so we’re starting this diary on Thursday morning.

This is the phone I ended up replacing my LG G3 with. It’s the Samsung A5 2017 edition in gold, and it’s waterproof. I really wanted a waterproof one so that I couldn’t ruin it by dropping it in the toilet again, haha! There were some problems with the sim card I got with it, so in the end I spent all of Wednesday trying to get it to work.

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Dinner Parties & Furniture Shopping | Loepsie’s Life

Happy Monday, my lovely readers! I had quite the chaotic morning today. I suddenly realised (shock, horror) that I forgot to do my tax reports, so I had to race to Utrecht to get my administration. Now I’m back though, and ready to share my past week with you 🙂 My life pretty much revolves around the upcoming move right now. Can’t believe it’s only three weeks away! We made some more preparations this week, I met up with my friends from uni, and of course there was plenty of work to be done as well.

Hello ladies… Haha! How cute is this photo of Llewelyn?

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Preparing For The Move | Loepsie’s Life

Greetings to you on this lovely Monday. I hope you’re all doing well. This past week has been a quiet one for me, my favourite type of week 😉 Time to share what I was up to, through the photos on my phone!

Kicking it off with this week’s grocery haul. I got dark bread, salt & vinegar crisps, spicy hummus, soy meat, tomatoes, bananas, tomato puree, a pumpkin, lentil patties, muesli, chickpeas, crackers, onions and bulgur.

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