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An Update From The HQ | Loepsie’s Life

Happy Monday, everybody! As I sat down to type up my photo diary of last week, I realised I had taken a grand total of three photos this week. Three. That’s not much to go on, haha! So instead of a photo diary, this week’s Loepsie’s Life is going to be a written update. With the solemn promise that I’ll do better next week 🙂

I’ve been very preoccupied with several things this week. First and foremost, the move! November is coming closer, and with it Robbert’s and my move to Amsterdam. I didn’t really realise how much work is involved in moving, aside from the actual packing and unpacking. I let my landlady know I’ll be moving out in November. She asked whether I knew anybody who’d like to move into my studio, so I asked around and found a few people who were interested. Someone already came to look at the studio, and they were really pleased so I think they’ll be pursuing it.

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Rain, Rain And More Rain | Loepsie’s Life

Happy Monday my lovely readers! I’m happy to report I’m finally feeling better and the sniffling has almost gone away. This past week I still suffered from the cold and was a bit drowsy, but I survived a pretty eventful week just fine. Eventful for me, that is, haha! You know me, I like things nice and quiet 🙂
Let’s take a look at everything I was up to last week.

On Monday morning I headed to the vet to get some medicine for Penpingion, who’s been sneezing again. The ratties are doing great in general by the way, especially considering their age. They’re turning two in December already 🙂 In case you were wondering by the way, yes, the rats are coming to Amsterdam with Robbert and me when we move!

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Back To Reality | Loepsie’s Life

Hello my lovely readers! I come to you with my photo diary on a Tuesday, since my friends from Ireland came over to Utrecht yesterday and I wanted to spend the day with them. So, my first week back home… I had lots of great things planned, was all fired up and ready to get to work, but then I got felled by a cold. I should’ve known, after 9 days in rainy, cold outdoor Scotland it’s a miracle I didn’t come down with it sooner. I wasn’t ready to cancel all of my plans though, so I tried to take it easy inbetween and hope it blows over quickly. Let’s take a look at what my week was like!

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The Forgotten Week | Loepsie’s Life

Happy Monday my lovely readers! As I’m typing this, it’s pouring rain outside and I can only think about Robbert and the scout kids who are off on summer camp in this horrible weather, poor things. I’ll get my fair share of rain this week as well, as I’m going out to cub camp to help a few days. At least I’ll be excused from sleeping in a tent, though 🙂

Anyways, last week was chaos inside my head, and I completely forgot to take photos most days. Then again, I did spend most days just sitting inside and working or doing whatever I was doing (I can’t even remember some days at all), so you won’t miss much. Let’s take a look at the photos I did take!

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