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5 Post-Graduation Life Lessons

When I handed in my thesis in April, I officially left the Dutch school system for the first time in my life. I lost all the privileges that come with being a student in the Netherlands (financial support, discounts, free use of public transport…) and dove straight into the real, big, grown-up world. I decided to make a bold move and try to carve my very own path to success. I’m still at the start of that (or at least I hope I’m nowhere near close to the end), but it has already taught me some very valuable life lessons. I want to share five things with you that I’ve learned since I graduated.

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Fridge Organisation

I love organising hard-to-organise spaces. Like junk drawers, or the fridge! Fridges tend to be a messy spot in many people’s houses, while it’s actually a really important place to keep organised. A messy fridge is a disaster: forgotten leftovers, mushy vegetables in the back, lost dairy products… It’s not only nasty but can be potentially dangerous as well, contaminating your fresh food unnoticed.

Today I want to show you how I organise my fridge! Granted, I have a large fridge that I use all by myself, and I always empty it out before leaving for the weekend, so it’s not that hard to keep organised. But these tips should be aplicable to any fridge size and contents!


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