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How I Became A Feminist

Recently I’ve been coming into contact with the word feminism a lot. A good friend of mine, Lisa, has refered to herself as a feminist since I first met her, and I’d always rigidly reply that I was definitely not. Turns out I just needed an eye opener, to educate myself on what exactly it means. Let me share my journey towards becoming a feminist!

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The Basics of Crochet

Oddly enough, crochet and knitting tutorials are one of the most requested topics on my channel. I do talk about crochet and knitting a lot, I have to admit… I guess it’s only fair that I should let you in on all the fun and show you how it’s done. So, I’m doing two video tutorials! One on crochet, and one on knitting. Today, we’re starting with crochet! Get your yarn and hook out, make yourself a cup of tea, and get ready to learn a new skill!