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Masquerade Hairstyle

One of my dreams is to go to a real masquerade some day. A large ballroom, big mirrors, big dresses, and the mystery of being incognito. Until then, I’ll have to do with wearing my masquerade costumes to fantasy fairs and halloween parties. Today I’m going to answer the ever pressing question: what to do with your hair when wearing a mask?


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How To Prevent Winter Blues

Leaves are turning brown, a chilly wind is picking up, and days are slowly but surely getting shorter. It recently struck me that I’ve now started waking up in the dark again, and it’s almost time to set the clock back by an hour as well… It’s clear, autumn is upon us! As much as I love the colder months and as excited as I am that they’re here, I know that for many people this rings the beginning of winter blues.

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