It's always time for tea

Cute Spring Hairstyles

There’s something about spring that brings out the girly girl in me. All I want to wear are pastels, lace, frilly skirts and ballet flats. I guess it’s the sunshine? The flowers? Whatever it is, I want to match my hairstyles to this happy spring feeling… So I came up with three cute hairstyles that are perfect for sunny days! For you, or your daughter 🙂

Boyfriend Tag ft. Robbert! ♥

You guys have seen my boyfriend Robbert pop up in my videos here and there. Every time I talk about him, you guys request the boyfriend tag video, haha! It took a while but I finally convinced him to do it.

To give it a fun and different twist, we decided to answer the tag questions separately, and then watch our answers together, to find out how well we really know each other.

DIY Granola Bars – Chocolate Forest Fruit

Ah, granola bars… Can we just talk about how amazing they are for a moment? They are sweet, healthy, delicious and nourishing. When there’s chocolate involved too, WOOH! Does it get any better?
You guys have to try out this recipe for homemade chocolate forest fruit granola bars. Homemade means you know exactly what’s going in there- no nasty surprise ingredients!