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Summer Fashion Haul

Yes! Heatwave!

I love warm weather. You guys know I love autumn and winter, but I get cold really fast so I can’t help but get really excited when it gets warm outside. Like, no-jacket-on warm.

Of course, too warm isn’t great either since I get disfunctional when it’s too hot, but the 24 degrees we’ve been having these past few days are just perfect!

I noticed my wardrobe is very poorly stocked for summer. Because I’m always cold and we don’t really get extremely warm temperatures in the Netherlands, I don’t have much summer clothing besides some bikini coverups I wear in Spain. So I thought it was time to go shopping.

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DIY Volumizing Powder

It’s all about the volume. I notice more and more people going for the “big hair” look, and volumizing powders are selling like hot cakes.

As these volumizing powders are often ridiculously overpriced, I wanted to show you an all-natural DIY alternative.

This particular volumizing powder is suitable for dark hair and can double as a dry shampoo. Sounds perfect, right?

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The Dutch & Their Bikes

Integrated into the Dutch culture as I am, I make extensive use of my bike. Whenever I mention it in vlogs, you guys make the strangest comments. Think: “that looks fun!”, “what bike is best for you?” and “why don’t you wear a helmet?”.

After thinking on it for a while, I realised those questions and comments aren’t weird at all. In fact, they’re very logical. What’s actually weird is the way the Dutch use their bikes.

So I decided to go out into the streets of Utrecht with my camera, and document the strangest normal things there are, concerning bikes and cycling.

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