It's always time for tea

FOTD: A Pop of Green

There’s this thing I do, when I casually want to wear a bright eyeshadow colour without it being overwhelming. I like to apply a neutral eyeshadow all over my upper eyelid, then take a bright colour onto a small eyeliner brush, and line my eyes with it, top and bottom. Then I go over the top with a thin line of liquid eyeliner, and ta-dah, a subtle pop of colour! I love doing this when a colour matches my outfit, but doesn’t necessarily go with my skin (like a vibrant turqoise). This way it doesn’t look overwhelming, but you still get the matchy look. If you’re into that. Which I totally am.


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Appreciating the Little Things

Every now and then, someone comments on how cheerful and happy I always look. Even though I’m not really always cheerful and happy, I do have a little tip I want to share with you: it’s all about the details. I’ve found that in order to overcome big downs in your life, or just to feel happiness on a daily basis, you need to learn to appreciate the little things in life. All of the little things sum up to be something quite big: the beautiful world around us. Realising this and learning how to truly see it will bring you amazing, easily accessible joy.

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