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I’m in Cosmopolitan NL!

OH MY GOD! Is this really happening?
I got contacted by Cosmopolitan NL. They’re doing a spread on “YouTube Queens” and wanted to do a photoshoot and interview with me. Needless to say, I was beyond excited. And now it’s out!
Confession: I go into every magazine store I walk by, grab a Cosmo, and flip to my page, just to go *squee!*, put it back and walk away. Haha!


How To Fix Mismatched Extensions

Buying hairextensions online is risky business. It’s often hard to tell what colour they are in the picture, and the colour can vary depending on your screen settings. Then you can never be sure the actual extensions are going to match the picture or your hair. Too much can go wrong! In case it does, I’m here to save you and your wallet.
I’m also sharing some more tips on buying hair extensions online!

The set I got: http://www.abhair.com/product/20-7-piece-deluxe-set-silky-straight-clip-in-indian-remy-human-hair-extension-medium-chestnut-brown-6
You can get 15% off your purchase by using the code: LucY15 at checkout on abhair.com!