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Vlog Friday

The first edition of Vlog Friday is here! This week there’s just footage of the days after VEDA ended. Next week prepare for a compilation of the entire week!

In this week’s vlog: I freak out over my website, I celebrate Bealtaine with my friends, we feel risotto in a bag, and I have a lovely afternoon tea.

Welcome to Loepsie.com!

Well, this must come as a surprise to many of you. Given that I mentioned being “too lazy to blog” in a video pretty recently, I bet you didn’t guess I was secretly working on a brand new website all along!

Here’s the deal: I love to write. I used to write fiction when I was young, but that habit died when I entered highschool and was forced to write many, many things that didn’t come from the heart. It kind of took the fun off of writing for me, which is a great shame since it’s something I always used to enjoy. So now that I’ve almost graduated university and my days of academic writing are over, I thought it would be fun to venture into something new: blog writing.


I want my blog to reflect and expand upon what my channel is all about. You can expect ‘Outfit of the Day’ posts, recipes, product reviews, the more personal ‘Tea Time’ type posts, and much more.
In short, this will be your central hub for all things Loepsie. I’m looking forward so much to using this blog as an outlet for any tips that pop into my mind, things I come across and want to share, or things that are going on in my life. Sometimes I want to get something across to you guys that’s hard to fit into the format of a video, or there is more to a subject than I can fit into one video, which are some of the reasons why I feel like Loepsie.com will be the perfect complement to Loepsie the channel.


I’ve been working on this website for the past few months, slowly adding content as I went along. You will already find added content for my videos ranging back as far as January, and some new unique content that I only added recently.
I am going to publish at least one post every weekday. There will be a blogpost on monday and a beauty tutorial video on tuesday. On wednesday, I want to introduce Q&A Wednesday, where I answer a few of your questions about beauty, life, fashion, or whatever it is you want to ask me. On thursday, there will be another video. Friday is Vlog Friday, when I upload my compilation vlog of the past week.
I say I’m going to publish at least one post… My mind is already overflowing with so many ideas that I’ll probably post more than once on some days!

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Here’s to new beginnings!


PS: Feel free to leave your questions in a comment and I may answer yours next Q&A Wednesday!
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The Cozy Mug Tea Box Review

A while ago I received a message from a new company, called The Cozy Mug. They are a monthly subscription service that sends you a box full of tea or coffee samples every month, along with some bonus surprises. They asked me to check out their tea box, to see whether I would like it. This idea is right up my alley so as you can probably guess, I fell in love. Here I am, sharing my experience with you.


First of all, the packaging of the box was adorable. Everything came packed in layers of pink, cream and mint tissue paper, with little sparkly stars inside.


The first thing I found inside were three packets of bagged tea. I got Masala Chai (black), Peach Oolong (oolong)  and Fruit Sangria (herbal) tea. 


Then I found three packets of loose leaf tea (woop! Loose leaf is my favourite!). I got Mango Black Tea, Citron Green Tea, and White Blueberry Tea. Being a blueberry tea lover, I immediately opened the packet of white blueberry tea and the smell that came out was just amazing. I brewed some right away and it tastes just as good as it smells!


Lastly I found my three surprise items. The first one is a delicious chocolate chunk cookie (that didn’t survive for long after this picture was taken… omnomnom). There was also an all natural lipbalm, in a peppermint lemongrass flavour (yes please!!). It melts right onto your lips and tastes delicious.

The very last thing were these funny looking sticks, that turned out to be filled with delicious honey.


Can you imagine receiving this box at work? Best coffee break ever!

The box also contained this little leaflet, with a little introduction and all the brands of the items inside the box, so you can get big sizes of everything you love.


A big thank you to The Cozy Mug for providing me with all this deliciousness! It’s a tea lover’s dream.

If you guys want to get your very own tea or coffee box, check out The Cozy Mug’s website.

Fresh Salmon Risotto

Risotto is one of my favourite dishes to make. I’m sure you’ll love this fresh version with salmon and mint!


– Risotto rice
– Vegetable broth
– Light veggies of choice (I used canned peas and baby carrots)
– Salmon filet
– Fresh mint
– Red onion (diced)
– Lemon juice
– Herb butter (or regular)

In a pot, heat up some butter and sautée the onion. Add the risotto rice, and stir until it becomes clear. When the rice turns clear, add the vegetable broth. Bring to a boil. Keep stirring the risotto regularly to prevent burning.
Meanwhile, in another pan, bake the salmon on some herb butter.
Keep stirring and boiling the risotto until it becomes slimey. When it’s almost done, add the vegetables. Turn off the heat, and add the lemon juice. Tear or cut op the mint leaves and add to the risotto.
You can serve the salmon whole, or shred it up and stir into the risotto (I prefer it that way, saves you the usage of a knife 😉 )


I absolutely love how fresh, light and delicious this dish is, while still filling you up nicely. I really hope you try it out and love it as much as I do!


Below is an exerpt from one of my vlogs of me cooking this dish, for those of you that prefer a visual walk-through. Please excuse the unprofessionalness of this clip, I literally took it straight out of a vlog!

Challenged By Melaniie

Melanie Murphy, also known as Melaniie, is an amazingly beautiful Irish girl who I absolutely love. She makes really entertaining videos about all sorts of things, including battling acne, weight loss and daily vlogs. You guys should check out her channel, I guarantee you will fall in love with her personality.

Anyway, back to topic. Her and I got together to do this little collaboration. I sent her five challenges to do, and she sent me hers. She had me doing some things that were, well… slightly out of my comfort zone. I had an absolute blast filming this, I really hope you enjoy watching it!
Click here to see what I made Melanie do (muahaha)!