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Vintage Vibes | OOTD

A few weeks back I spotted this mid-length skirt in a clothing store, and instantly fell in love. I didn’t quite know how I wanted to combine it yet, but I knew it was definitely a piece that belonged in my wardrobe. The skirt itself has a very granny-like feel, but I thought I should be able to pull it off if I combine it with an edgier printed t-shirt or something. Another small exemple of how life takes us in different directions.

As I was filming a historical hairstyling video one day, I decided to pair the skirt with this bee printed cardigan and go full librarian instead. I loved it. I ended up taking it all the way and producing the most old-fashioned and un-modern outfit ever, and (hopefully) rocking that. I feel strangely comfortable in it, bet it’s my inner librarian coming out. The intention to combine this skirt in a hip, modern way is still there but so far I’ve been loving these vintage vibes. To be continued..?

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Why YouTubers Change So Much | Tea Time

Hello to you my lovely readers! I’m sorry for the slight radio silence. The annual “Wie Is De Mol” camp at our scouting was this weekend and, as always, it was madness. I was still there on Monday and spent pretty much all of Tuesday napping the tiredness and muscle aches away, so I didn’t manage to get my photo diary up. I’m back now though so rest assured! 🙂 I have a chatty video for you today.

It’s tea time! Go make yourself a cup of your favourite hot beverage and sit back as we chat for a bit. Today I wanted to talk about why YouTubers change so much. As always, feel free to share your opinion in the comments! Enjoy!