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Falling Leaves | OOTD

There is no season that inspires me like autumn does. This stage when there are still leaves on the trees but the ground is covered in hues of red, orange and brown, is my absolute favourite. Everything is changing, we spend more time indoors with the candles on, and the air outside is crisp. It’s just a super productive time of year, inbetween the summer holiday and Christmas break, and I love it.

Autumn is also the time of year when I feel the most comfortable in my clothes. I feel like the fashion of this season fits me well and not only goes with the colouring of my skin and hair, but my character as well. For today’s outfit I’ve done something which for some reason always seems a no-go in my head: combining black and brown. I’m not sure why, but I tend to always go for either black or brown as a base colour for my outfits. Such a shame, since these two actually go great together! I’d like to wear black and brown together more often. I might actually start a Pinterest board to find some inspiration, haha!

By the way, in case you notice something different about my hair: I received a new set of hair extensions earlier this week and they are an absolutely perfect match to my hair colour. It’s almost uncanny how well they match. They have that typical greenish undertone with red tones that my hair has, and I’ve never seen that in hair extensions before. You literally can’t see where my hair ends and the extensions start at all. I’m so excited about this that I actually wear them out in day to day life, which I normally never do. There’ll be a video up with them soon!

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So What On Earth Does Loepsie Mean?

Even though I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned the story briefly here and there, I think it’s about time I properly explained where the word Loepsie comes from and what it means. I’m sure many of you have been wondering! First of all: no, it’s not my name (first or last), but I don’t mind being called Loepsie. My name is Lucy, which you probably know if you visit my blog regularly. And if you’re new, hi! Nice to meet you 😉

I’ve been going by the nickname Loepsie for a very, very long time. Let me start this story at the beginning. When I was in seventh grade of elementary school, so 10 or 11 years old, there was this animated children’s show on TV. It was about three brothers who were circus performers. One was huge and round and had a big beard, one was tiny and only had a few hairs, and then there was the “normal” one, if I remember correctly. I’ve been trying to find the show, I believe it was called something along the lines of “The Houdini Brothers”, but I can’t for the life of me find it anywhere. Anyway, the characters spoke in jibberish, and the little one would say something that sounded like loooopsyyyyyy in a high-pitched voice frequently. Usually when doing some acrobatic trick. Many kids watched this show so it was quite a recognisable phrase. Now every now and then people (adults/teachers, usually) would call me Lucy in the English pronunciation: Loosy, rather than the Dutch pronunciation, which is best described with the German letter ü, so Lüsy. I think that’s where the association came from, but one day one of my classmates randomly called me Loopsy in that same pitch that the animated character used. This would be spelled Loepsie in Dutch, so now you know how it’s pronounced if you didn’t already, haha!

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A New Phone | Loepsie’s Life

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday. Last Tuesday night, in the middle of a Dungeons & Dragons session, my phone died and I wasn’t able to turn it back on again. It wouldn’t react to plugging the charger in either, so I figured the phone just finally gave up. I did drop it in the toilet a few months back, so I’m not surprised it didn’t last long after that. This does mean I lost all photos I took the first few days of the week, so we’re starting this diary on Thursday morning.

This is the phone I ended up replacing my LG G3 with. It’s the Samsung A5 2017 edition in gold, and it’s waterproof. I really wanted a waterproof one so that I couldn’t ruin it by dropping it in the toilet again, haha! There were some problems with the sim card I got with it, so in the end I spent all of Wednesday trying to get it to work.

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