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A Trip To The Efteling & A Bike Hostage | Loepsie’s Life

Hello to you, my lovely readers! I’m back again with another photo diary, showing you everything I was up to in the past week. This week has been a strange one, I have to say. Strange, but loads of fun. Let’s take a look!

Strange happening no. 1: when I got to Utrecht on my way home from dance class, I came to my bike which I’d parked at the central station, and found… Somebody else’s lock. On my bike. I asked the guard at the bike park what to do, and he advised me to come back next day with a saw (?!). He was fully prepared to help me get the lock off but he wasn’t allowed to supply the tools. The police apparently aren’t allowed to take a stranger’s lock off your bike either, as that would be considered damaging someone’s property. The guard said this happens quite a lot, sometimes people accidentally lock someone else’s bike in a hurry, thinking it’s theirs.

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Lentil Soup | Simple & Delicious

Autumn is soup season for me. As soon as temperatures go down and it gets dark early, I start to crave comfort food, and in my opinion there’s nothing as comforting as soup. Or lentils, which are my all time favourite food. Needless to say, lentil soup is the best of both worlds. I like to make a huge amount of a good, hearty soup on a Tuesday, and then enjoy it all throughout the week. This week I made a super simple lentil soup, which turned out so great that I wanted to share it with you. As you know I have a knack for making dishes that are impossible to photograph nicely, but hey. It’s all about the flavour 😉

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