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Spiced Eggplant Soup | Recipe

Eggplant soup. Now there’s something I never thought was an option, until I came across it online. I read about how someone had a delicious spiced eggplant soup and instantly decided this was something I wanted to make. When I did, I was very pleasantly surprised. This is good! The soup is filling, warming, but light at the same time. The North African spices make it taste really exotic and wonderful. Plus, it’s one of those amazing “throw it all in a pot and walk away” recipes that us busy people love. Do give this one a try if you’re looking to taste something new!

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I’m Going To Paris! | Loepsie’s Life

Happy Monday! We have officially entered the week in which I turn 25. A quarter of a century! In the past I used to dread my birthdays, but this year I can honestly say I’m really excited. I feel grateful for making it 25 years in life, and I’m happy with where I am right now. There are also some really exciting things happening this week, making it a wonderful time altogether. I’m going to be hosting a party again for the first time in years, but the most exciting thing is… I’m going to spend a night at the Efteling hotel! They actually invited me to stay over and visit the park for two days in a row. If you guys know anything about me you’ll know how ridiculously excited I am about such a dream collaboration with what I’ve been calling my favourite place on earth for years. I’ll be vlogging the trip so you’ll get to join Robbert and me in all the fun. I can’t wait! But first, let’s take a look at what I did last week.

Starting the workday with a fresh, home made soy matcha latte. It’s been a while since I had one of these and I started craving it after watching a video where someone was having one. I should really get drinking this back into my routine, they’re so healthy and delicious!

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Anna Karina | Beauty Beacons

It’s Sunday: time for a video, and it’s a brand new episode of Beauty Beacons this time! In this episode I’m going to recreate the iconic look of much requested 60s French new wave cinema star Anna Karina. We’re doing both hair and makeup for that perfect laid-back chic French look. Enjoy!

NYX Powder Puff Lippies

As I get older, I notice I gravitate towards a set makeup routine more and more. I tend to wear the same products every day and keep my look quite minimal. The only thing I change daily is my lip product, and this also seems to be the only product I still buy new versions of just for fun. I used to be a total eye shadow girl, but now I get super excited about a new lip product launch. Especially if it’s a novelty product! Needless to say, when NYX offered to let me try out their new Powder Puff Lippies at an event a while back, I jumped on the opportunity. I took home four colours, so let’s take a look at them!

From left to right, these are the colours Cool Intentions, Squad Goals, Moody and Group Love. There are four more shades in the collection.

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Hairstyles For Dancing, Workout & Gym

In today’s video I’m going to share four hairstyles with you that I like to wear during dance rehearsals. It’s extra important for dancers to know the hair is securely tied away and won’t get in the way of your routine: these are some styles I’ve found work great for me. They are practical and pretty: the perfect combo 🙂