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Ginger & Honey Marinated Tempeh

A while back I noticed I was eating quite a bit of soy. Soy milk is my favourite milk alternative, soy yogurt is my favourite yogurt alternative, most veggie meats are soy-based, I love me a big pile of edamame with my sushi… I remembered something about a controversy surrounding soy so I hopped online and read some different opinions on it. I concluded I wasn’t eating that much soy, not enough for it to become a problem in any case. You’d need to eat a load of it to run into any issues. That’s great to know, but I also found out that as with any food, the less processed soy is, the better. Many of the websites I visited recommended replacing tofu with tempeh. Tempeh is a brick of fermented soy beans, and it’s one of the least processed and healthiest ways to eat soy. It’s full of proteins and probiotics! I was pretty sure I’d had it before in my life but couldn’t really remember the taste. I’d never prepared it myself, in any case!

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Vegan Snert | Dutch Pea Soup

There aren’t many meaty things I miss eating, but there are a few and traditional Dutch pea soup is one of them. Pork is the first animal product I cut out of my diet years ago, and as this soup generally contains a lot of it, I haven’t had it in a really long time. Pea soup is delicious though; it’s warm, filling, proper comfort food. It’s traditionally strongly associated with winter and ice skating and certain social situations over here, and I’ve found myself longingly looking at other people’s bowls on numerous occasions. Now I’ve decided it’s enough. I’ve always thought “snert”, as we call it, would be super hard and time-consuming to make and I wasn’t sure how it would taste without the meat, but now that I’ve finally done it I have to say it’s not as complicated as I thought at all and it’s well worth the effort. Welcome back in my life, beloved snert!

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My Favourite Healthy Snacks

For as long as I can remember, I haven’t been able to eat large portions of food. I much prefer to eat a bunch of smaller meals throughout the day, and my body thrives that way. This means I eat five to six meals a day, and two or three of those are snacks. As a result, I’ve developed an archive of healthy snacks over the years that I love, and usually I’ll have some favourites every season that I rotate. Today I thought I’d share my current favourites with you, and maybe give you some ideas for healthy snacks that are delicious, easy to make, and will haul you over to your next meal.

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