It's always time for tea

DIY Sharpie Bowls

Sharpie mugs have been a thing for a while now. They’re all over Pinterest and I can see why: you can draw ANY design onto a mug, bake it for a bit, and make it water resistant! Perfect!
I decided to make not mugs, but DIY sharpie bowls instead. Gotta stay different, right? Also because I just really don’t need more mugs. Perks of having a tea obsession.


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My Favourite Nude Eyeshadows

Nude eyeshadow is one of those makeup staples I couldn’t live without. The right shade and finish can give you an open, awake look in seconds if you just sweep it across your eyelids. Lighter nudes can brighten up your look, while darker nudes provide definition. I’ve been collecting nude eyeshadows for years looking for the perfect one, so today I want to share my favourites with you!

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